Smartwatch Buying Guide India 2024: Find Your Perfect Wrist Companion

Smartwatch buying guide in India

Smartwatches have transformed from mere tech novelties into powerful everyday companions. These tiny wrist-worn devices pack a surprising punch, offering everything from fitness tracking and smartphone notifications to contactless payments and on-the-go music control. With the Indian smartwatch market booming, finding the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle can seem like a daunting task.

This Smartwatch Buying Guide India 2024 aims to demystify the process. We’ll break down the essential factors to consider, explore the latest trends, and help you navigate the sea of choices. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a tech lover, or simply looking to streamline your daily life, this guide will empower you to make a smart buying decision for the perfect smartwatch companion.

Smartwatch Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right smartwatch involves understanding the key features and specifications that matter most to you. Let’s dive into the crucial aspects to keep in mind. Click on the smartwatch images or links provided for specific design, feature, or price.

Operating System Compatibility

Your smartwatch experience will largely depend on ensuring it works seamlessly with your smartphone. Android users generally have the widest range of choices, while iPhone owners are primarily tied to the Apple Watch. Popular smartwatch operating systems include Google’s Wear OS, Apple’s watchOS, and Samsung’s Tizen OS.

The key is this; if you own an Android phone, you have to choose a smartwatch with Android OS. If you use an iPhone, you have to buy Apple watches. However, there are many smartwatches compatible with both Android and iOS. 


Health and Fitness Tracking: Most smartwatches offer heart rate monitoring, step counting, and sleep tracking. More advanced models provide in-depth metrics like blood oxygen (SpO2) levels, workout modes for various sports, and even ECG readings.

Smartwatch with SpO2
Smartwatches with SpO2
Smartwatches with ECG
Smartwatches with ECG

Notifications and Communication: Smartwatches let you stay connected without constantly reaching for your phone. Receive calls, texts, emails, and social media alerts right on your wrist. Some even allow you to respond directly with voice commands or pre-set messages.

Bluetooth calling smartwatches
Bluetooth calling smartwatches

Smart Assistant Integration: Control your smart home devices, get quick answers to questions, and set reminders with your voice through smart assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa. 

Smartwatches with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant
Smartwatches with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant

GPS and Navigation: Built-in GPS lets you leave your phone behind during workouts and still accurately track routes and distances. Some smartwatches even offer turn-by-turn navigation on the watch face itself.

Smartwatches with GPS
Smartwatches with GPS & navigation

Contactless Payments: Certain smartwatches with NFC (Near Field Communication) support make tap-and-go payments at stores a breeze.

Smartwatches with NFC
Smartwatches with NFC

Music Control: Play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume without taking out your phone – especially convenient while exercising. If you need this feature, many mid-range watches have it. 

Battery Life: Battery life varies greatly between smartwatches. Basic models might last several days, while feature-packed ones typically need daily or every-other-day charging. Consider how often you’re willing to plug in your watch. Hybrid smartwatches are known for their long-lasting battery life.

Cheap smartwatches with long battery life
Cheap smartwatches with long battery life
Hybrid smartwatches
Hybrid smartwatches

Design and Durability: Smartwatches come in an incredible variety of styles, from sporty and rugged to sleek and sophisticated. Choose materials and finishes that suit your taste. For active use, look for water resistance ratings (IP67 or higher) and durable build quality.

Water-resistant smartwatches
Water-resistant smartwatches

Display: AMOLED displays offer vibrant colors and deep blacks, but LCD screens can be more battery-efficient. Consider screen size, resolution, and whether you want an always-on display.

Smartwatches with Amoled display
Smartwatches with Amoled display
Smartwatches with LCD display
Smartwatches with LCD display

Price: Smartwatches span a wide price range. Setting a budget early on will help you narrow down your options and find the best value for your money. Below are the best watches in various price ranges:

| Smartwatches under 1000
| Smartwatches under 2000
| Smartwatches under 5000
| Smartwatches under 10,000
| Smartwatches under 15,000
| Smartwatches under 20,000
| Smartwatches above 20,000

Smartwatch Buying Guide: Popular Brands in India

The Indian smartwatch market is brimming with exciting options from well-known brands. Let’s take a brief look at the leading players and what they typically offer:


Known for seamless integration with iPhones, Apple Watches offer premium design, sophisticated features, and excellent overall user experience.

| View Apple watches and prices

Apple Watch Series 9
New Apple Watch Series 9


A leader in Android-compatible smartwatches, Samsung offers a range of models with sleek designs, comprehensive health tracking, and innovative features.

| View Samsung Galaxy watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 LTE
New Samsung Galaxy Watch6 LTE


A fast-rising Indian brand focused on delivering affordable smartwatches with a wide variety of features and trendy styles.

| Check out Noise smartwatches

Noise Pulse 2 Max
Noise Pulse 2 Max


Another popular budget-friendly Indian brand offering feature-rich smartwatches with bold designs and long claimed battery life.

Fire-Boltt Smartwatches
Fire-Boltt Smartwatches


Known for its audio products, boAt also offers a lineup of stylish smartwatches emphasizing fitness and health tracking at accessible prices.

boAt smartwatches
boAt smartwatches


Aimed primarily at fitness enthusiasts, Garmin watches excel in sports tracking, GPS accuracy, and robust build quality.

Garmin Watches
Garmin Smartwatches


Focused on health and wellness, Fitbit smartwatches offer in-depth sleep tracking, stress monitoring, and comprehensive fitness programs.

Fitbit watches
Fitbit Smartwatches


Offers a mix of fitness-oriented and stylish smartwatches, often at competitive prices.

Amazfit watches
Amazfit watches

Note: This is just a snapshot of popular brands. Before making a decision, it’s wise to research their latest models and check reviews to find the best fit for your needs.

Smartwatch Buying Guide: Where to Buy in India

You have several convenient options when it comes to buying a smartwatch in India:

Major Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Reliance Digital often have the widest selection of smartwatches across brands and price ranges. They frequently offer discounts, sales, and easy return policies.

Brand-specific Online and Offline Stores: Purchasing directly from a brand’s official website or offline store is another option. This can guarantee authenticity, and you’ll receive the latest models and benefits like brand-specific warranty and customer support.

Local Electronics Stores: Local stores can be helpful if you want hands-on experience before buying. They may have limited stock compared to online retailers, but you can try on different models and get immediate assistance.

Pro-tip: Always compare prices across multiple platforms to find the best deal. Keep an eye on seasonal sales and festive offers when discounts can be significant.

Smartwatch Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing the Right One

With so many options, finding the perfect smartwatch can feel overwhelming. These tips will help you make an informed decision:

  • Set Your Priorities: What are the must-have features for you? Prioritize fitness tracking, seamless smartphone integration, stylish design, or a mix of everything?
  • Check Reviews: Read reviews from reliable sources like tech websites, user forums, and verified customer reviews on retailer sites. This will give you a balanced view of a smartwatch’s pros and cons.
  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, visit a store and try on different smartwatches to assess the fit, feel, and how easy the interface is to use.
  • Future-Proofing: Consider if you’d like features that might become more relevant later, such as ECG monitoring or fall detection. Investing in a smartwatch with slightly more capability now could save you from upgrading sooner.
  • Look for Seasonal Sales and Deals: Don’t be afraid to wait for the right time to buy. Monitor prices, especially around festivals and holidays, to grab the best possible deal.

Finding the perfect smartwatch in India is an exciting journey. By understanding the key features, exploring popular brands, and considering your own priorities, you’ll be well-equipped to choose a device that enhances your lifestyle. Remember, the best smartwatch isn’t necessarily the most expensive one – it’s the one that seamlessly integrates into your life and delivers the value you seek.

Disclosure: This article is based on our research and experience mixed with other online reviews. And this article contains some affiliate links. If you click on a link and buy a product, we may earn a tiny commission without increasing the price. We urge you to make a purchase as a way of supporting our work. If you already did this, thank you for the support.

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