Digital marketers or businesses require a multichannel marketing approach for driving traffic from different sources. On this website, we offer you the opportunity to advertise with us to get extra visitors to your website or any landing page at an affordable price.

Advertise with Us in CPM mode

Currently, we accept only CPM mode. It means that we charge a fixed rate for every 1000 impressions of your advertisement. Read the following few lines to learn more about our price and how to place your ads on this website:

Cost per 1000 impressions: 25 INR (US $0.322 equivalent)
Payment mode: PayPal (Debit card/credit card or other supported payment)

For example, if you pay 250 INR, your ad will appear 10,000 times. Once the maximum number of appearances reaches, your ad will stop automatically. We will notify you after your ad balance is exhausted. You can continue your ad by filling your balance again. You can use Google Analytics to view the click-through rate if you want.

How to place your ad?

  • Prepare your ad. It can be a text or image created by you.
  • Select where to run your ad – it can be in the page body, after the page body, or in the right sidebar.
  • A text ad can be long, up to 30 words (maximum).
  • An image ad in the page body should be up to 600 x 200 pixels (width x height).  
  • You should give your landing page URL.
  • Fill in the following form and proceed with your payment. After confirming your payment, we may take up to 12 hours to insert your ad on the site. We will notify you by email when your ad has started on the site and exhausted your ad balance.

For any questions and issues, Contact Us.

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