9 Best Smartwatches with SIM Card Slot in India (2024)

Best smartwatches with SIM card

Now we can use physical SIM card in smartwatches. Our selected best smartwatches with SIM card slot can let you make calls, send texts, and access the internet without your smartphone. In India, they are available at various price options.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a SIM Card Smartwatch

  • Most SIM-enabled smartwatches support 2G, 3G, 4G networks. 4G LTE models are better for faster data connectivity. 
  • It is better to check smartwatches compatible with your smartphone in terms of operating system (OS).
  • A bright, clear display (specially AMOLED display) often provides the best viewing experience.
  • Look for a model with a full day battery life on a single charge with cellular connectivity.
  • Look for features you need. Most smartwatches come with heart rate monitoring, step tracking, and sleep tracking.
  • GPS, water resistance, built-in speakers, microphone, and NFC for contactless payments are additional considerable features as you may need. 

When we talk about SIM card watches, we can categorise them in eSIM smartwatches (costlier) and physical SIM smartwatches (cheaper). On this page, we are discussing about smartwatches with physical SIM (those we are using in our mobile phones).

Best Smartwatches with SIM Card at Different Price Points

Under 10,000

CYRFO Verge Lite Bluetooth Smart Watch Camera Support Multi Functional, Support SIM, Watch Compatible with All Smart Phone...

CYRFO Verge Lite

Price: 8,999 | Buy from Amazon

The CYRFO Verge Lite smartwatch can make and receive calls even without a SIM card using your smartphone’s Bluetooth. It has a 1.6-inch colour screen and tracks data. It also has a built-in camera, a sleep monitor, a pedometer, and a speaker. This watch monitors your heart rate, distance travelled, calories burned, and steps taken each day.

IMOO Watch Phone Z1 Kids Smart Watch, 4G Kids Smartwatch Phone with Long-Lasting Video & Phone Call, Kids GPS Watch with R...

IMOO Watch Phone Z1

Price: 7,990 | Buy from Amazon

The IMOO smartwatch features 128 MB of memory, built-in GPS for location tracking, and a touchscreen display for easy navigation. This kid’s watch supports video and audio calling, allowing you to stay connected with your child. The IPX8 water resistance rating makes it suitable for protection from splashes and submersion. The watch also includes a class mode to minimise distractions during school hours and an alarm clock. You can use an Airtel SIM for this smartwatch.

Under 5,000

SE HUB Premium S8 Ultra Smart Watch with 4G SIM Card, App Store Working, Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube, Android, Sports F...

SE HUB Premium S8 Ultra

Price: 4,999 | Buy from Amazon

The smartwatch supports SIM cards and has a 1.96-inch AMOLED display with 960 x 960 resolution. You can make Bluetooth calls, and it has a heart rate monitor for you. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality. The watch is water resistant. Other features include application messages, a sleep monitor, sport type swimming, cycling, fitness, and running. The watch comes with two bands (orange and black) and a charger.

sekyo Carepal Pro 4G LTE Smart Watch Phone for Kids | 2-Way Voice & Video Calling | Live Location Tracking | Sim Card | Bo...

sekyo Carepal Pro

Price: 4,760 | Buy from Amazon

The Sekyo Carepal Pro is a feature-rich smartwatch for kids, with a range of functionalities for safety and entertainment. It comes equipped with live location tracking through LBS technology, 4G LTE connectivity for two-way voice and video calling, and an SOS alarm button for emergencies.

The watch also features remote monitoring for parents for taking photos and listening to the audio from their child. It also includes 7 edutainment games and a touch screen, camera, and a 700 mAh battery. In addition, the watch is water-resistant, shockproof, designed for rough handling by children. 

Under 2,000

Maizic Smarthome Koala Sim Smart Watch – 1.2" LCD Display, Make & Attend Calls, Camera, Surf Whatsapp, 380mAh Battery, Plu...

Maizic Smarthome Koala

Price: 999 | Buy from Amazon

With its 2-inch LCD display, the Maizic smartwatch is made to easily keep users connected. You enjoy a good experience with its user-friendly interface, easy navigation through apps like WhatsApp, and a built-in camera. The watch promises a day’s battery life with moderate use. Designed for children, it supports smartphone-like functions. However, some users feedback dissatisfaction with the quality, battery, and SIM card performance.

PunnkFunnk Kids Smart Watch 1.44" TFT Display, 4G Sim Card Phone with Long-Lasting Voice Call, Kids GPS, Music Player, Ala...

PunnkFunnk Kids Smart Watch

Price: 1,232 | Buy from Amazon

This kid’s watch is a multifunctional device featuring selfie-cam, games, torch, MP3 player, voice recorder, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, calculator, and more. Its touchscreen allows easy navigation and capture of photos and videos, with enough storage for 10000+ HD photos or 6+ hours of video. The watch includes an option to set step goals and reward achievements. Its rechargeable battery lasts 3–7 days. It’s IP67-waterproof.

This smartwatch, which combines fun and functionality, is perfect for kids ages 6 to 8. It makes sure you can stay in touch with your children by supporting 4G SIM cards for GPS tracking and voice calls.

Under 1,000

Bluetooth DZ09 Black Smart Watch Wrist Watch Phone with Camera & SIM Card Support

DZ09 Smart Watch Wristwatch Phone 

Price: 829 | Buy from Amazon

The DZ09 smartwatch is a multifunctional wearable device that combines the features of a watch, phone, and fitness tracker on a small budget. It operates in both Bluetooth mode (for connecting to your smartphone) and network mode (when a SIM card is inserted). The watch offers health and fitness features such as sleep monitoring, step counting, and calorie tracking.

Additional functionalities include contact synchronization, music playback, camera usage, and others like a calculator and calendar. The watch lasts up to 2 days on a single charge and supports micro-SIM cards. 

MARKIF DZ -09 Smart Watch For Boys And Girls with Camera Compatible with Smart Phones Touchscreen Sim Card Supporter Watch...


Price: 825 | Buy from Amazon

The smartwatch has features like call handling, media playback, camera, and is compatible with Android smartphones via Bluetooth. It operates in two modes: Bluetooth connectivity and network mode with a SIM card, functioning as a standalone smartwatch. It supports multiple languages and comes a sleep monitor and activity tracker along with other health and activity tracking features. The watch supports 3G. 

Things You should Note

  • Network compatibility: When buying a SIM-enabled smartwatch, check which SIM network is compatible with it. This helps you relieve after-purchase dissatisfaction. 
  • Cellular data plan: A smartwatch with a SIM requires you to recharge as you do on your mobile phone. 

Is a SIM card smartwatch right for you?

If you focus on outdoor activities, a SIM card smartwatch is an excellent choice. You can go anywhere without your phone. But for those who need fitness tracking and smartphone notifications primarily, standard Bluetooth watches might be more suitable. 

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