Earn Money with Google Without Investment– 13 Legit Ways

Earn money with Google

Google is the top known brand globally when it comes to the internet. You know their products like YouTube, Facebook, AdWords, Blogger, AdSense, etc. This article is about making money with those programs and networks. Interestingly, they are free to join. It means you can earn money with Google without any investment.

Sign up any of them and start earning online in legit ways. Read this page and learn how to make money online with Google for free from the comfort of home. The only you need is a PC with an internet connection.

How to Earn Money With Google Without Investment

earn money with google

1. Make Money Online with YouTube Videos

You can now earn money from YouTube.com or YouTube app. Google owns YouTube. It’s simple to start—Record funny or helpful videos using your smartphone or video camera. Then, create a channel of your YouTube account and regularly upload the videos to your channel.

Enable monetisation option in your YouTube account. The more your videos get views, the more you earn. So, increase the number of subscribers at your best.

| Learn more to make money from YouTube

2. Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

Google and other search engines are always trying to provide quality and highly relevant results for their users. To improve search results, they require human reviewers and hire interested people worldwide on contract.

You need to apply online with your resume through a third party website. If they approve your application, they will take an online exam. If you pass the exam, you’ll work as a search engine evaluator, rater or any name given by them. It is one of the trusted, high paying jobs you can do.

For more details, current job openings and online applications, visit any of the following websites:

However, you can also search on Google something like search engine evaluator jobs to find any job openings.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

You can earn by sharing your thoughts and answering surveys. Google pays for it. You’ll make about $1 as Google Play Credit for each survey you participate in. Survey topics may be about a product, hotels, travel places, food or anything.

Every time a survey is available for you, they’ll notify you through their app. Use the credit earned to buy anything from Google Play Store. Though the earnings from the surveys can’t be enough for you, it will help you out in buying any app, game or movie from there. Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the following links to take part in the surveys:

Download from Google Play store
Download from iOS store

Like that, you can also join User Experience Research and earn rewards.

4. Sell Your Books on Google Play Store

This is an opportunity to make money as a writer. You can write any book and sell it on Google Play Books. You can sell and earn money as long as you go fine with the Google Books Partner Program rules.

They accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry and other genres. So, you can write to be attractive to people and sell almost any kind of book you want. The more your books get sold, the more you earn.

Even though you can’t write your book, you can hire a writer to write it for you:

| Find a book writer on Fiverr

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5. Sell Apps on Google Play Store

Create android apps and upload them to Play Store. You can build fun, addictive games or any valuable apps. You can set the cost per download or publish it as a paid app. You can also set up Google Ads and enable in-purchases to make extra income.

For monetising your apps, set up a Google Wallet Merchant Account. You can advertise and share with friends and families to make your apps popular to get more sales and downloads.

If you like this way, brainstorm the app idea to make it popular in Play Store. But, you need coding skills to develop your apps. For this purpose, you can learn coding or outsource to an expert to build your app.

To learn coding skills, click on the links below to view books and courses:

| Android app development books on Amazon

| Android development courses on Udemy

You can even outsource to an expert to build your app and earn profits.

| Mobile app development services on Fiverr

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6. Making Money with Google AdSense

AdSense is a Google publishers’ program that allows placing their ads on the publishers’ websites, apps, or other places. When people click on the ads, Google pays for the clicks to the publishers. It is one of the most popular monetisation ways used by most online marketers and site owners globally.

Insert AdSense ads in your websites or blogs. You can even set it up in your mobile apps. Also, at many other places that Google allows. The more clicks you get, the more you earn. You get paid monthly in your bank account automatically once you reach the payment threshold of $100.

Website owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers use AdSense to earn cash as a secondary income. To become a publisher, first, you need to sign up for a free AdSense account. When approved, place the AdSense code in your website pages, YouTube channels, apps, etc.

Most website owners or bloggers use AdSense ads to make a passive income. However, you can use some strategic tricks and earn 1000s every month as a primary source of income. You need to learn from experts and use the white hat tricks to maximise your earnings.

Check some books and courses from the following links:

| Books to maximise your AdSense earnings

| AdSense video training courses

You can also hire an expert if you can’t get approval, fix any issues and increase your earnings. Check the services from the following link:

| Google AdSense services on Fiverr

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7. Google Ads Certification

Learn about running Google Ads and apply for a Google Ads Certification. Then, offer your Google advertising services as a PPC specialist or digital marketer. You can find a lucrative job or freelancing job to make money.

For more details of Google Ads Certification, Click Here.

If you want to learn how to make money with advertising, check these books and training courses:

| Google AdWords books on Amazon
| Top Google Ads training courses

Running a profitable business requires accurate invoicing. Looking for an invoice maker? Try Zintego.

8. Earn Money Using Google Pay

Google Pay is a payment handling service like PayPal. You can use it as your payment processing system for your customers’ purchases. As Google is a big brand, people trust Google. So, customers will transact on your website without hesitation if you show them that Google handles the transactions. Use it if you want to sell your products or services online on your website.

Google Pay is also one of the top mobile apps in India used for transacting online payments and receipts and transferring funds between users. You can offer services like money transfer, bill payments, recharges, etc. Get small commissions from your customers everyday. If you are still not using it, download GPay now on your mobile phone.

9. Make Money with Facebook

Like YouTube, Google also owns Facebook. You can do many strategies to make money through Facebook. One of the ways most Facebook marketers do is to create a Facebook page and market your website or business on it. Create a group and share your messages with your fans. Bring them to your site to make money.

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10. Start a blog with Blogger

Start a blog and make money with blogging. You can create a personal blog with Blogger. You can do it with all free hosting and customised domain. But to make it look professional, I suggest you buy at least a domain name for your blog.

Publish quality content on your topics regularly to attract people to them. For earning money, you can place AdSense ads, affiliate links and do any other types of monetisation techniques on your blog pages.

Publish review articles, tips and tricks, jokes, or anything interested or helpful to people. Do your best to drive more visitors and turn them into profits. To increase traffic on your blog, you can use SEO techniques or run ad campaigns.

Learn more to start your blog

You can make an excellent passive income from your blog. But, although it seems easy, it is hard to become a successful blogger and generate good monthly revenue. So, to become a skilled blogger, learn from the experienced people in the field. Read some books and courses about blogging:

| Blogging books on Amazon
| Blogging courses on Udemy

11. Google Maps

You’ll find it preinstalled on most smartphones. Google Maps has become a powerful tool for local businesses. You can use it to attract new customers, promote special offers and generate leads. It also offers an excellent opportunity to optimize your presence on the web and get more customers through Google My Business.

Here are some ways you can do:

  • Take a photo of your vacant space if you want to rent out and upload it as a house on rent for anyone looking for it.
  • Add the location of your business or store on the map. It will help to increase your customers and clients.
  • Post the location of an unnamed area, store or anything to help other people find them easily. Google will reward you for doing so.

12. Google Translate

It is hard to find an opportunity to earn money from it. But if you are good at translating languages you know, you can work to improve the service of Google Translate. If you are good at contributing to the service, you may find a position to make money; Click Here.

Other ways you can do are:

  • You can work as a translator at Fiverr or UpWork and use it as your translating assistant.
  • Embed Google Translate on your site. It will help visitors to read your pages in their language. So, you’ll get more traffic and conversion.

13. Google AdMob

AdMob helps you in earning revenue easy with in-app ads. For example, you can  monetise your Android apps on Google Play Store by allowing Google Ads. You can do it through Google AdMob. 

To start with it, Click Here

There are many other new ways to earn money without any investment. But the above are some popular ones most people do. Google allows us to use their services and products. On the other hand, you can use them to earn easy money.

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