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How to make money with SEO

Every website owner needs their website to rank higher in Google search results and get many visitors. You can help the site owners to improve their Google ranking and drive traffic to their website. For this purpose, learn search engine optimisation (SEO). If you have excellent skills in this field, you can make money with SEO easily as a long-term career.

If you are already an expert, start an SEO service online. You can even work from home and make money online. Whether in India or anywhere on earth, you can earn a handsome income every month. It is highly demanding, and its earning potential is relatively high in India as the number of websites or blogs is constantly increasing worldwide.

Here is how you can make money with SEO

SEO is a method or technique to increase the visibility of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs) of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. A webmaster or website owner who has good SEO skills knows how to get their website ranked in top positions of Google and other search engines and drive traffic quickly.

But note that all webmasters don’t have the required SEO knowledge well. Even though a few of them have the skill and know how to apply it, they can’t do the processes all alone as SEO is a vast subject. There are several tasks they alone can’t do all.

After all, there are many new techniques they don’t know. Take the advantages and help them in the areas they don’t know or can’t do. By doing so, you can make money by working for them from the comfort of your home freely in your own time.

Even though you don’t have clients, you know how to earn money from the skills on your own. In the following, I have listed many money-making ways. You can start from the best ones you can do.

First, learn SEO if you are not an expert in this field

If you don’t have enough skills, first learn from an SEO guru. Or you can learn it from some books and courses for in-depth study in the field. You can buy and read some books or courses:

| SEO books at Amazon

| Best SEO video courses

Money Making Ways with SEO

1. Become an SEO Freelancer

You can sell SEO services at a freelance site. Some of the options are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. Most of these sites allow you to work from home.

Among them, Fiverr has more flexibility as for our experience. If you want to work on it, sign up as a seller from here.

There are many ways to make money as a seller on Fiverr. The following list includes some popular types of gigs (services) you can offer:

  • Keyword Research
  • Web Traffic Generation
  • Google Ads Management
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Management
  • On-page optimisation.

The minimum price you can set is $5. However, it’s free to put any amount for your work volume. If you want to learn from Fiverr experts more about the platform and maximise your earning, read some books:

| Books for Fiverr freelancers

Also, read this article > Make Money from Fiverr by Selling Your Services.

2. Start a Blog

As a blogger, you may be wondering how to make money from SEO with a blog. The first step is choosing a hosting platform and domain name. Then, determine a niche that people are interested in.

After that, create exciting content and publish them on the blog regularly. This is a great way to monetise a blog quickly and easily.

Once you start running your blog, focus on monetising using SEO skills. You can use monetising methods like Google AdSense, selling ad space, selling a digital product, and affiliate marketing. To stand your blog out from the competition, share your unique experiences and write with a vibrant, distinct voice.

Then, build relationships. Contact potential partners in your industry and make your blog as attractive as possible. This will help you attract advertisers and provide a steady stream of revenue.

Making money with blogging needs extra skills above SEO. Find out how to earn more from experienced bloggers. Check these books and courses:

| Blogging books on Amazon

| Top blogging courses on Udemy

Also, read this article > How to Start a Blog for Free and Make money.

3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

With affiliate marketing, you can create earnings by promoting the products and services of other merchants. First, choose a niche. Then, you should select products or services to promote. For this purpose, you need a website or any platform to promote the affiliate links.

Moreover, you should produce quality content to attract your audience. Search engines value high-quality content, while low-quality content will not be read or consumed by your audience. Next, you should drive traffic to your website and influence your visitors to click your affiliate links. For this, use SEO skills to improve your website’s ranking and traffic from Google.

Learn how top affiliate marketers do their business online and earn more money than others. Check these books and courses:

| Affiliate marketing books on Amazon

| Affiliate marketing courses

Also, read this article > How to Make Money Faster with Affiliate Marketing.

4. Start an eCommerce store

Make money with an eCommerce store. Organic search engine traffic can be a reliable traffic source if you know how to drive them in your store. First, build your online store using Shopify or any other platform. Then, create your product pages. You can sell digital items like eBooks and software. If you don’t have your products, consider using dropshipping techniques.

To drive traffic and increase sales, use SEO techniques. Find high volume but low competition keywords. Then, optimise your content or product pages for those keywords. You can also conduct competitor analysis to research how your competitors are doing.

Using SEO techniques to grow your business is essential. Consider building a blog and linking it to your eCommerce store. You will be surprised at how effective SEO techniques can be. With a blog, you can boost your store traffic and sales quickly.

If you are serious about eCommerce success, read some books and courses from the links below:

| eCommerce books on Amazon

| Shopify courses on Udemy

5. Find an SEO job

Hiring SEO experts is more important than ever. Today, more than half of all e-commerce spending will be online. Furthermore, more businesses are relying on their website to drive sales. As the number of search queries on the internet grows, so does the need for SEO specialists. The job market is a hotbed of opportunity for those with the right skills, but the supply is not changing the demand.

As a freelancer, one way to find a job is by offering your services to agencies for free. First, find local agencies that provide SEO services and send emails asking for a free site audit. If they like your service, the company will engage you in employment.

Or search in Google or a job site and submit your resume on the area of your expertise.

6. Write a Book or Course on an SEO Related Topic

The internet is an endless resource for people looking for information on SEO. You can make money by writing in-depth SEO books or courses. Write a Kindle eBook and sell on Amazon. Like that, you can also create an Udemy course and sell it on Udemy. The more it sells, the more you earn.

Another way is content writing. It has become popular over the years; it’s become a viable source of income. Write SEO optimised content or articles for others. You will get as much as you work.

7. Start an SEO Consultation Service

In this service, you help other people by consulting SEO advice for their websites or businesses. Here’s how you can set up your SEO consulting business.

You can run your SEO consultation service by building a website. You should also create a blog and post articles about your services. Then, direct your readers to purchase your packages. You can also do your consultation service on the freelance sites mentioned above.

For promoting your service or blog posts, use social media. It will help you drive traffic to your site. Build up a following and offer your services to other businesses.

There are no strict formulas for running a consulting service, but you need to put in some hard work and research to build your reputation.

8. Host an SEO Seminar

The first step to hosting a seminar is determining which topic you want to cover. Once you know which topics you’ll be covering, decide which SEO tools you’ll use. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to cover anything in SEO. The goal is to make your seminars valuable and exciting. In addition, you’ll be able to earn more money if you include an SEO tool that you want to promote.

Prepare your presentation. You can host your seminar at any convenient location or do it online. You can charge a flat fee to the attendees for the event. This is an excellent way to make money online.

You can conduct the seminar yourself or hire someone to do it for you. If you’re an SEO expert, doing it on your website is the best option.

9. Build an SEO Software Tool

Building your SEO software can be a very lucrative business. Build such a helpful software tool and sell it. You can create a lot of revenue from it.

To brainstorm which SEO features people will love to include in your software, take your time. Then, develop it if you have coding knowledge or hire some experts to do the same for you. You can hire anyone you know or find an experienced developer at Fiverr.

| Software developers at Fiverr

| Software development books at Amazon

There are several APIs to be used in building your SEO software. Developers need them to create applications to help the software collect raw JSON or open-source data. You can find those APIs, or most developers know where to find them.

If your product is popular and needs funding, you can raise funds from investors or other businesses. These people and companies may be willing to invest in your SEO software if you can prove that your product will be helpful and profitable.

In addition to the above, there are many other ways to earn money if you are an SEO expert. If you have yet to learn search engine optimisation, do it first, then you will come to know many money-making opportunities.

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