How To Start A Free Blog And Make Money Quickly

Making money with blogging is one of the easiest ways you can do from home. You don’t need to leave your current job. You can work anytime and anywhere. If you have a computer (desktop or laptop) with internet, you can start a blog and make a good passive income regularly. In this article, you’ll learn how to start a free blog and make money from it quickly. Read through the lines below.
First thing first. What is a blog? A blog is an informational website run by an individual or a group. So, the topic of your personal blog can be anything you know, but helpful and exciting to other people. Any topic idea many people are looking for but not much discussed by many of other bloggers is a good choice. A good blogging idea will make you easier for making money. But make sure you know the topic very well and very interesting to you.

You will learn step by step here to start a free blog:

  • Find a free hosting provider.
  • Name your blog.
  • Choose a right theme and design.
  • Decide the niche of your blog.
  • Create basic pages.
  • Start publishing your posts.
  • Start earning from your blog.
  • Learn top blogging tips and tricks.
Find A Free Hosting Provider
If you are a beginner, start your blog for free. You can do it without any expense from your pocket. The following are the best free blogging platforms you can choose:
start a free blog is one of the best free platforms for bloggers. It looks simple. Everything here is free. You can start a blog as soon as possible. also provides a free hosting service. Its drag and drop features can build an attractive blog easily. However, the free account has a limited access to third party apps. Above all, you’ll see Wix branding and ads in your blog pages. is based on famous WordPress CMS. You can build a beautiful blog from there. But free users can’t use useful plugins to build a powerful blog or website. Above all, you can’t place ads to monetize your blog.
However, you can use all the full features and services of the above if you pay an annual fee. See their hosting plans if you want to do so.
Later anytime, you can buy a domain and add it to your free hosting plan. By doing so, visitors will look professional and trust more with your work and blog. When the number of your visitors grows, and they are enough to start making money, you can also move your entire blog to a better, more reliable hosting company.
From my experience, Bluehost is currently my best choice to buy a domain and a hosting plan. They offer the best prices and their products are satisfactory. Godaddy is also a better choice. If you want to start a blog or website professionally from now on, click on any of the following links to buy your domain and web hosting plan at your budget:

Name Your Blog

Naming your blog is not so difficult for you. The name is the identity or brand name. It can be your own name or business or any phrase relevant to things you will do in the blog. Make sure it is easy-to-remember for other people.
In this article, I use the Blogger platform as an example. To create your blog, visit and sign up with your personal details. If you want to work on diets, you may want to name your blog as healthydiets. If so, the web address (URL) of the blog will be something like In case you don’t want such a URL, buy a domain name from Bluehost mentioned above. Search for a domain name. If healthydiets is available, your domain name will look like or (extensions .com, .in or any other as per your choice). If you buy only the domain name, you need to connect it to your Blogger account. If you don’t know how to do it, search Google as “how to add a custom domain to blogger” and follow an easy guide to connect the domain successfully. Now, your blogger URL becomes or But if you buy both domain and hosting plan from Bluehost or Godaddy, your domain and hosting account connect automatically. Now, you are ready to design the look of your blog.

Choose A Right Theme And Design

Once your blog is named, you have a blog URL. If you have added a domain purchased from Bluehost or Godaddy, it may take some time to make it available on the world wide web. Anyway, you can set up your blog theme and design. One thing you should do is make your blog secured by changing http version to https. To do this, go to Settings>Basic in the Blogger Dashboard and select Yes for both HTTPS Availability and HTPPS Redirect.
http to https
Now, type your blog URL in the browser and view the look and design. If not satisfied, you can change the default theme to a new one. Click Theme and choose from the themes you like. You can change any theme when you want later.

Decide the Niche of Your Blog

A niche is the specific topic of the blog you’ll write about and share to visitors. The topic should be popular, interesting and helpful to visitors. Think about demography and age group of your audience. Also check how much the topic is competitive in Google search results. The characteristics of a good niche should have the most search volume and low competition. You can do some keyword research using Google Keyword Planner or any other good keyword tool.

Create Essential Pages of Your Blog

There are some essential pages a website should have. Such pages help building trust and expertise about you and the blog. They are pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use etc. Visitors don’t view such pages in most time. However, they are essential for those who are looking for the blog information and owner.
In Blogger Dashboard, click Pages and create new pages of About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use etc. In About Us page, write about yourself or team and expertise. In Contact Us page, include at least a contact form. In Terms of Use page, you can write your terms and conditions of using the blog. If you are difficult in writing such pages, visit other websites and view their essential pages.
Note that blogging platforms often don’t have a home page by default. You can create your home page and write about a summary of your blog and place images and hyperlinks to important internal pages. To do this, open Layout from the Dashboard. Find Cross-Column above the Body section and add Pages Gadget. Click Add External Link and add home page file location (/home.html as example). Then, check in all the pages to be included in the Header bar. Make sure to uncheck the old Home.
creating blog home page

Start Publishing Your Posts

Now, you can start publishing articles for your visitors. From Blogger Dashboard, click Posts and create a new post to start writing your first post. Write an appealing title for the article. You can also use a free blog editor or MS Word to write your article offline. Write the article to be very useful and helpful to your target audience. Don’t publish copied or modified content. Show your expertise in your writing. Have a schedule to publish new posts for visitors to come back regularly. To drive traffic on your blog, share your posts to social media platforms and to your friends offline and online.

Start Earning from Your Blog

Try to get more traffic by writing helpful quality posts. When you see there is a decent number of visitors, start thinking to make money from your blog. Sign up some top affiliate programs. In India, you can join affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Place their banners on your blog. Recommend relevant products through your articles. Write product reviews and insert affiliate links in the content. Whenever visitors buy products from the affiliate links and banners, you earn commissions. You can also join other best affiliate programs by searching in Google. Also apply for Google AdSense ads and place them in your blog. Whenever someone click an ad, you earn money. But don’t try to put too many ads or links in a blog post. They detract the main content for readers.
The more visitors your blog has, the more you earn. Try many traffic generating ways. Check these Best Web Traffic Books you can buy from Amazon.

Learn Top Blogging Tips and Tricks

You can’t achieve success overnight. You need skills and efforts. Develop your blogging skills as you work with your blog. Follow the tips and tricks below to create a good income stream easily and quickly.
  • Limit your blog to a niche only. Don’t mix it with other niches. Make it a unique blog.
  • Create unique content that give a value to readers.
  • Listen to readers. Solve their problems. Engage them in comments.
  • Love your blog and take care for it.
  • Look outside to other similar blogs. Check how they are doing for their visitors. Work smarter and fill the gaps they miss.
  • Be professional in the way and grow your blog.
  • Make your blog visitor friendly and Google friendly.
Learn the top blogging secrets from successful bloggers. Know how they do and make money faster and easier. Below are some recommended books on best blogging practices that will help get  a grand success in a short time. Click on any of the books and read to become a successful blogger:
Blogging For Dummies, 6ed      How to Start a Blog That People Will Read: How to Create a Website, Write About a Topic You Love, Develop a Loyal Readership, and Make Six Figures Doing It. (THE MAKE MONEY FROM HOME LIONS CLUB)     ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six–Figure Income    Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community
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