9 Best Smartwatches for Girls to Buy in India (2023)

Best smartwatches for girls

Are you looking for the best smartwatches for girls to buy in India? If so, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best options available for girls in India. So, whether you’re looking for a fashionable and trendy watch or one that offers great functionality and durability, we’ve got you covered.

Smartwatches have become increasingly popular over the years due to their convenience and functionality. They can track your daily activity levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns. They can also display notifications from your phone, such as incoming calls, messages, and emails. Additionally, smartwatches allow you to control your phone. You can make calls, send messages, and even control your music from your wrist.

When selecting the best smartwatches for girls for this list, we consider:

  • Long battery life so you don’t have to charge it every day.
  • Clear and easy to read display in different lighting conditions.
  • Compatible with your phone’s operating system (iOS or Android).
  • Water-resistant and durable build quality.


Look on the following list and find the perfect choce for you. For more details and their latest price at Amazon, click on the link provided.

Best Smartwatches for Girls in 2023

1. boAt Wave Call Plus


The boAt Wave Call Plus smartwatch has several features that make it a great choice for girls. Here are some of them:

  • Stylish design: It has a sleek and stylish design that looks great on girls.
  • ENx technology: It works on ENx technology which cancels background noise and provides clear calls.
  • Bilingual support: The watch supports both Hindi and English languages.
  • Fitness tracking: Several health and fitness-related functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, and sleep tracking. It also has multiple sports modes that allow you to track your workouts and set goals for yourself.
  • Battery life: Up to 10 days.

2. PTron Force X12N


PTron Force X12N has special features for girls:

  • Stylish design: It has a sleek and stylish design for girls.
  • Fitness tracking: Several health and fitness-related functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, and sleep tracking, in addition to multiple sports modes to track your workouts.
  • Battery life: Up to 5 days depending on your usage.
  • Connectivity: Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

3. Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Max


The Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Max smartwatch has several features for girls.

  • Stylish design: Sleek and stylish design great for girls.
  • Fitness tracking: Heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, and sleep tracking, in addition to 20 sports modes to track your workouts and set goals.
  • Battery life: 7 days depending on uses.
  • Connectivity: Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Water-resistant: IP68 water-resistant which makes it perfect for girls who love swimming or other water activities.

4. CrossBeats PRIZM


The smartwatch has a lot of features that make it a great choice for girls including:

  • Super Retina AMOLED display with personalized always-on display (AOD) feature.
  • Fast charging feature that can charge the watch up to 100% in just 30 minutes.
  • Temperature sensor that can measure body temperature and health vitals.
  • Hindi language feature.
  • The watch comes with both stainless steel and leather straps.

5. Apple Watch Series 8


The Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch has a lot of features useful for girls including:

  • Always-On Retina Display that is big and brilliant.
  • Two new motion sensors inside, plus an improved gyroscope and accelerometer that can sample motion 4x faster than before.
  • Crash Detection feature that can detect if you’re in a severe car crash and automatically connect you with emergency services and notify your emergency contacts.
  • The watch comes with Fitness Tracker, Blood Oxygen & ECG Apps and is Water Resistant.

6. Amazfit GTS 4 Mini


GTS 4 Mini is a great choice for girls. It has several features including:

  • 1.65 inches AMOLED panel with touch support and with a piece of tempered glass with an anti-fingerprint coating.
  • The watch is equipped with a selection of more than 120 sports modes.
  • It is 5ATM waterproof that offers protection up to a depth of 50 meters.
  • The watch has a 15-day battery life.
  • It is a fitness tracker with a 24H tracking capability.

7. CrossBeats Orbit


This CrossBeats smartwatch is a feature-rich, great fitness watch for girls.

  • It has Bluetooth Voice Calling that enables you to make and answer voice calls directly from your watch, comes with in-built mic & speaker.
  • The watch has a 1.3-inch HD IPS display with rich colours and crisp fonts.
  • It has Health Monitors such as HR tracker, BP monitor, SpO2 level check, women’s health tracking and also a sleep monitor.
  • The watch is secure for water with 5ATM waterproof that offers protection up to a depth of 50 meters.

8. Noise ColorFit Pro 4


The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 smartwatch is also a great choice for girls including the features:

  • It has a 1.72’’display with 25% more screen area.
  • The watch has Vivid clarity with 311 PPI and 500 nits of brightness.
  • It has a 60Hz refresh rate that provides smoother scrolling & navigation experience.
  • The watch also has Bluetooth Calling that enables you to make and answer voice calls directly from your watch.
  • It has 100 Sports Modes that help you track your fitness goals.
  • It also has a Heart Rate Sensor that helps you monitor your heart rate.
  • You can get Call & Notification Alert.

9. Garmin Lily


The Garmin Lily smartwatch is designed specifically with women/girls in mind, by women.

  • The watch has a slimmer profile, more attractive face, and thinner band.
  • It has a small size and a chic aesthetic.
  • The watch has a 1.1 inch LCD display that is highly interactive and lively, and touchscreen.
  • It has up to 5 days long battery life in smartwatch mode.
  • The smartwatch has Clock features such as Time/date, GPS time sync, auto daylight saving, alarm, timer and stopwatch.
  • You can download watch faces, widgets, data fields and apps from the Garmin Connect IQ Store.
  • Calls reject/text response with preset texts (Android only).
  • The device can monitor heart rate, stress, energy levels, hydration and SpO2 (blood oxygen) levels.
  • Women’s health features including menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy tracking.


The above smartwatches are great for young and older girls. If you are looking for one of the top best watches from the list, Apple Watch Series 8, AmazFit GTS 4 Mini, Garmin Lily, and CrossBeats PRIZM are recommended for you. However if your budget is tight, you can choose from these cheap smartwatches – Boat Wave Call Plus, PTron Force X12N, Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Max, CrossBeats Orbit, or Noise ColorFit Pro 4.

There are many advantages of wearing a smartwatch. Not only just tell the time but they also entertain you as well, make and receive calls, assess notifications, track activities, and use GPS navigation. They are also fashionable.

Smartwatches can do many things that your smartphone can’t. They can monitor your heart rate, sleep, activity and overall fitness level. You can also play music and and even pay at the store. Wearing a smartwatch can make your lifestyle better. You will be able to get complete information about the activity, nutrition, and burned calories. Apart from that, some special watch models will allow you to monitor your blood pressure and ECG.

So, why not wear a smartwatch! Scroll up the page, look for your best model, and click on the given link for more details and current prices. Please share this page with your friends on social media or leave a comment below.

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