Buy Quick Heal Total Security for Android Just at ₹99

Quick Heal Total Security for Android

Many of us don’t install an antivirus app on our mobile phones or tablets. But we are uncertain that our mobile devices may get a virus or an online threat unexpectedly. So, installing an antivirus solution gives us peace of mind.

Quick Heal Total Security for Android is one of the top mobile antivirus solutions to protect from viruses and online threats completely. You can buy a 1-year license key from this website or Amazon. But the price is different for the same product.

Quick Heal Total Security for Android (1 Year 1 Device)

Our Price: ₹99
Amazon Price: ₹149

Available mobile antivirus solutions on Amazon

Bitdefender, McAfee, Quick Heal, Eset, Norton, Kaspersky, K7, Avast, AVG, eScan, Safehouse, and more.
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Quick Heal mobile antivirus

How to buy Quick Heal Total Security for Android from us?

Scan the QR code using any UPI app like PayTM, GPay, or PhonePay. Pay ₹99 only for one key. (You can buy more than one key)

Scan this QR code to pay

After your payment is completed, take a screenshot of the payment. Then, fill in the following form and submit it.

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Or, you can send the payment screenshot through WhatsApp message for quick service. 

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  1. Please pay the correct amount as shown in our price. We’ll delay delivery for wrong amounts.
  2.  We will deliver the key(s) within 10 minutes of payment confirmation by email or WhatsApp. However, we may take longer due to stock positions, technical issues, or the time of your order. We always try to send it as soon as possible if you order between 8 am to 6 pm
  3. No physical product will be sent to buyers by post or courier.
  4. We accept no return or refund for these digital products once delivered. However, we can discuss any problem faced with the product. Use the above-mentioned WhatsApp link to contact us, if needed.
  5. By buying and paying to us for an item, we assume that you accept our terms and conditions. 
Quick Heal antivirus for mobile phones and tablets

Top Reasons to Buy Quick Health Total Security for Android

1. Comprehensive Protection: Quick Heal Total Security for Android offers advanced protection against viruses, malware, harmful apps, and mobile banking threats. Your device remains secure from a wide range of unprecedented digital threats.

2. Data Breach: The app alerts you for data breach incidents to take immediate action if your personal information like your mobile number or email address is compromised. 

3. Web Security: Quick Heal provides robust internet browsing security that helps protect your device from malicious websites and online threats.

4. SafePe: This feature ensures secure transactions when you shop, bank, and pay bills online.

5. Automated Updates: You don’t need to update the app. It automatically updates its virus definitions whenever you are online. This makes your device always up-to-date with the latest protections. 

6. Remote Device Management: If your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, this feature helps to track your lost device.

7. Call Filter: When you want to block numbers belonging to a certain series, this feature helps you avoid unwanted calls and potential spam.

8. Easy Activation and Support: The activation process is easy. You can easily enter a 20-digit activation key to unlock the premium features of the app. You can also take support, if necessary.

9. Affordable and Convenient: The price of Quick Heal Total Security is affordable. Your small investment can get a comprehensive, user-friendly, and reliable security solution that protects your device from several unexpected threats.

Premium Features of Quick Heal Total Security for Android

  • Quick Scan: Quickly scans important files and apps on your device for viruses and threats.
  • Deep Scan: Deeply scans all files and apps on your device for viruses and threats.
  • App Lock: Protects your confidential data.
  • Anti-Theft: Finds your device if lost or stolen.
  • Safe Browsing: Protects you from threats when browsing online.
  • Wi-Fi Security: Checks Wi-Fi connection security.
  • Battery Saver: Saves the device battery life from fast draining.
  • Device Cleaner: Cleans caches.
  • Privacy Advisor: Notifies you if an app may compromise your security.
  • Play Store App Advisor: Scans apps before and after installation.
  • Screen Time: Sets your time viewing your mobile screen.
  • No Ads: Disables or blocks advertisements.
  • SafePe: Protects your payment transactions.
  • Smart Parenting: Controls children’s mobile uses.
  • Data Breach Alert: Alerts you when your account passwords are compromised.
  • Anti-Spyware: Checks apps if they use your camera and microphone illegally.
  • Intruder Alert: Takes photos if someone tries to access your phone without permission.
  • Advance Anti-Theft: Helps to find your lost or stolen phone or tablet.
  • Secure Delete: Deletes files permanently.
  • Schedule a Scan: Scans the devices for threats automatically.
  • YouTube Supervision: Monitors and controls YouTube content on the device.

Is It Essential to Install Mobile Antivirus?

Android is the most popular operating system globally, so it is a significant target for malicious attacks. This large number of users attracts cybercriminals who develop malware specifically for Android devices.

Android devices come with built-in security features such as Google Play Protect, which scans apps for malware before and after installation. However, if you frequently download apps from unknown sources  or browse the web with your mobile browser, installing an antivirus app can add an extra layer of security. The antivirus app can help detect and block malicious software that might not be caught by Google Play Protect.

If you use sensitive information or are particularly concerned about security, you have to install a strong antivirus solution on your mobile devices.

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