Write Articles and Make Money in India from Home Online

Write articles and make money in India

If you have a writing passion, you can write articles and make money from home in India. There is always a shortage of good content writers online. Many website owners and companies are looking for writers of any kind. You can write on any topic or write within a niche specialised to you. You can offer your writing service in English or any language you know. You can charge any amount per article based on your writing quality and length of the article.

You can also do copywriting and earn even more. In copywriting, you write about a product or service for a company. You write it to make people buy more or make a lot of sales. If you have a good copywriting experience, big companies and marketers will hire you.

Now, let’s learn how to write articles and earn money in India from the comfort of your home. For making money, you need to have an excellent writing skill. So, at first let’s learn how to write quality content and, then get paid to write articles in India.

Write Articles and Make Money in India

In this article, we will explore how to write articles for money and the best places to make money by writing articles.

How to write articles for money?

As you know, website owners or companies want to get high rankings in search engine results. They want to achieve top positions in Google first page results and get lots of traffic. So, you need to write for people as well as Google. You should have the writing skills for both.

For people, you should write at your best level to proof that the product or service is worth for money or best of its kind. Your content should persuade readers to make sales, download or do anything. Hence, you need to have a unique writing skill. 

You can learn writing by reading some books and courses. Some recommended ones are below:

For more books and courses, click on the following links:

| Best content writing books
| Best copywriting courses

As a content or article writer, you should also have some SEO skills. For this purpose, read this book:

| SEO 2024: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies

Essential tips to write articles

Step 1. Get a topic keyword for the article. If you don’t already have it, use a good keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ubersuggest. Try to find good keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Step 2. Now, write a compelling article focusing the target keyword. Include it in the title, the first paragraph, and a few times throughout the body as per the length of the text. Write in a natural way. Avoid keyword stuffing. 

Step 3. Finally, read your article for any mistakes and omissions. Make adjustments until it becomes satisfied. Make it a perfect human readable piece of content. Readability is also an important factor for a quality content. Improve the readability score with Hemingway App. 

How to earn money writing articles online in India?

Ensure you have a strong writing skill to make money writing articles. Do some of the following ways to earn money online:

Start a blog or website on article writing services

Start a writing blog/website and show people that you are doing article writing services. Start writing articles on your site and show your expertise and testimonials (if any). Provide a convenient payment method for customers. Display better pricing as compared to other services online. See their services and learn how they are successful. Promote your blog/website to get attentions from many clients. Work for clients in India and abroad.

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Best Sites to Write Articles for Money

1. Freelancing websites

Are promoting your blog and finding a good number of clients hard to you? If so, join a popular freelance portal. In freelance article writing, you won’t have the burden of building your blog and promoting it. They charge a small fee from your earnings. Look for the most popular portal to lessen the work of promoting your services. Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer are the good sites to sell your writing services at any prices. At Fiverr, you can charge starting $5 or more per article. 
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2. Find websites who are looking for article writers

There are many websites where you can write articles and make money in India and overseas countries. Some of them are: 
  • Upwork: A freelance website where Indian writers can find jobs across various categories, including creative writing, business content, and blog posts. It is a great platform for quality work. Payments are made through PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Guru: Guru is a platform where you can showcase your skills and connect with clients looking for freelance writers. It offers a straightforward payment system.
  • People Per Hour: This platform lets you set your hourly rate and find clients who need writing services. It’s suitable for beginners.
  • Textbroker: Textbroker is known for content creation. Writers can choose assignments based on their interests and expertise.
  • Truelancer: Truelancer caters to various freelance roles, including writing. You can create a profile and bid on projects.
  • Problogger: Problogger is specifically for bloggers and content creators. It lists writing jobs related to blogs and websites.
  • Freeup: Freeup connects freelancers with clients seeking various services, including writing.
  • Flexjobs: While not exclusive to writing, Flexjobs offers remote job opportunities, including freelance writing gigs.

Search the above sites with the name on Google or Bing. Please note that they have varying requirements, payment structures, and client expectations. Read their guidelines carefully and choose the one that suits your skills and preferences.

3. Find a writing job in India

Many company and firms in India and also in other countries are offering writing jobs online. You can find them in job sites. Prepare a nice resume and submit to them. Click on the following link and search as ‘content writer’ or ‘freelance writer’:

You have seen ways to write articles and make money as an article writer. Which one is the best for you? Let’s discuss about it.

First, starting a blog is the easiest one to you. Here, you are the boss. You have the complete freedom for work and time. You can work independent without any supervision of anyone. But you’ll have to build a nice, trusted site, and also to drive lots of traffic for maximising your earning.

Next, joining a freelance site to sell your article services is easy. You don’t need to worry much for getting customers. But think that there are also other sellers listing similar services like yours. If so, you need to learn the techniques for getting your listing in the higher search positions. Struggle for your listing to receive more views and orders.

Third, joining other websites may need to qualify their requirements from you. If you can pass it, it’s OK. You can earn as much as depending on writing projects given to you. But you also need to look for trusted, high paying sites before joining any of them.

At last, for joining a company or firm for a writing job, you need to write a good resume to get a call. You need to pass their test or exam and meet their requirements. If successful, you may work for part time or full time. Get a salary every month, or an income for writing articles online.


Decide yourself which one is the best for you. It depends on your present skills and time availability. But for any of the above ways, you need to be a good writer who can give results. Learning from experts will reveal your success shortcuts and can increase success rate. So, Read the above guides. Learn how to write effective and powerful articles. Good luck!

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