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How to Make Money Using True Balance for Recharges & Bill Payments

You can create an extra income by doing recharges for mobile, DTH, electricity, gas etc. from home or anywhere. No investment, no documentation required. You can make profits by recharging for your family mobile numbers, friends and anyone. If you are already running a small shop/store, you can add recharge service to make extra money. You can make 1000s of rupees per month by using a recharge app. Below, I will guide you how to use True Balance app and make more and more money, even automatically.

Don’t hurry! Read the following guide paragraph after paragraph carefully and understand better to make more money and create income automatically.

Which Recharge App to Use?
There are lots of recharge apps available at Google Play Store. Among them, True Balance is one of the best, most trusted apps that gives you instant cashbacks for every recharge done. You can even get an instant automatic income by adding group members. Read the following lines to learn how to do it easily.

Now open the Chrome browser from your smartphone (if not already done so). Then, search in Google using the keyword “buywin true balance”. You’ll see a related result from this site When you press on that result, you’ll land on this page. Scroll down to this section and tap on the following link to download True Balance:
[Don’t forget to use code 2Z9XQU4E to get your bonus]

Download the app on your phone and wait till the installation process is completed. Before continuing further, please note something about other popular apps. Some most popular apps you can use are given below. But they don’t give you assured cashbacks and automatic income for every recharge done. However, they allow you to transfer money, do ticketing and shop online. You can also use them for creating multiple incomes. Tap on the following highly recommended apps to download and start using:

Paytm                Google Pay
PhonePe            Freecharge

How to Use True Balance to Start Earning Instantly?
After your download and installation is completed, find the app among other apps in your smartphone and open it. Then, register or sign up yourself using your phone number, name etc to start using it. Amazing! Once you complete registration, you get Rs. 5 as Free Point balance before doing anything. Find it at the top right corner of the app. You can use it when you do any recharge in future.

Do your first recharge
Your can start your first recharge for your phone number or someone’s. On the home page of True Balance, tap on ‘Recharge’. You’ll see a bar to enter a mobile number you want to recharge. Enter the 10 digit mobile number correctly and touch the number appearing below to confirm. You’ll see as shown below:

Make money with True Balance

When you do as above, the app may select telecom operator name and telecom zone automatically. If not, you need to select it manually. For example, if the operator of the number is Airtel and you live in North-East part of India, select Airtel, then North-East to do recharge successfully. By doing so, you can recharge mobile numbers of Jio, Airtel, Idea, Vodaphone, BSNL, MTNL, Tata Docomo etc. You can recharge almost any mobile number (prepaid or postpaid) in India from this app.

Now enter any valid recharge amount (or Rs. 10 to try). If unsure, tap on ‘All Plans’ to view various recharge options available. After entering the amount, tap on ‘Proceed’ and ‘Pay’. Then, you will see many payment options as follows:

Make money by recharging

Let me say briefly about the payment options:
Free Point: Any cashback you receive after a recharge will be entered here automatically. If you want to use the balance in it, check in this payment option. If it has not enough balance, also check in another payment option below. You get instant refund here if recharge is failed.
Gift Card: Other True Balance app users can send a recharge balance to you in the form of gift card. You’ll receive it as SMS. Open it and redeem to add the money in your gift card balance. You need to check it if you want to use from this balance for your recharge. If it has not enough balance, also check in another payment option. You get instant refund in it for any failed recharge.
Wallet Money: You can already add some money in the app’s wallet to use in recharges. Check it if you have any balance in it. If it has not enough balance, also check in another payment option. Wallet money is useful if any recharge is failed. You get instant refund.
BHIM UPI: If you are already using UPI apps like Paytm, Google Pay, Freecharge, Phonepe etc, you have a UPI ID. As for Paytm users, the UPI ID looks like 9685xxxxxx@paytm. If you check it and proceed to recharge, you’ll get a notification to approve the payment from the UPI app. Approve it to complete the recharge process.
Debit/Credit Card: Most bank account holders have their debit card or credit card. If you have your own, check in this payment option. You need to enter the card number, Expiry Month and Year, CVV and name on the card. Then, you will get OTP (One Time Password) to enter/confirm the payment and complete the recharge successfully. If failed, bank may usually take 1-7 days for refund in most cases.
Net Banking: If you have any internet banking account, you can check in it and select your bank. If you do so, the app will be redirected to your bank login page. Enter your username and and password. The bank will send OTP to your phone. Use the OTP to complete the recharge. If unsuccessful, but deducted the amount from your bank account, bank may usually take 1-7 days for refund.

How Much Cashback Amount Will You Get?
You will get an instant cashback for every successful recharge done. You will get 1% of the recharge amount as you are just beginning to use the app. Try to do recharges for a total of Rs. 500 or more in the current month. Once you cross Rs. 500, you will get a bonus of Rs. 50 in the Free Point balance and become a Gold Member. Afterwards, you’ll get higher cashbacks. At the time of writing this page, True Balance gives 5% cashbacks. It means that, if you recharge for Rs. 100, you get Rs. 5. Cashback rate may be changed time to time. To keep your Gold Membership benefits, try to do recharges for at least Rs. 500 per month. Note that you won’t get any cashback for using any amount from Free Point balance.

What About Pay Later?
Pay Later is a new feature added recently in True Balance app. In the payment option page, you can select Pay Later as a payment option. If you do so, you pay first 10% of the recharge amount as fee and repay the remaining amount after 10 days. You get the 16% cashbacks after you replay the due amounts. But this feature can be used by Gold Members only. So, try to become a Gold Member to get this loan opportunity. It is very beneficial to those users who are lack of money for recharges and bill payments.

What About Recharge Loan?
True Balance app has also been introduced recharge loan. Under this loan plan, you have to pay first one third of the recharge amount when you recharge and you have to repay the remaining amount equally on the 10th day and the 20th day. Therefore, you should finish the repayment of the recharge loan in 20 days. For example, you recharge for Rs. 300 today. You have to pay Rs. 100 today. Then you have to repay Rs. 100 on the 10th day and the remaining Rs. 100 on the 20th day from the recharge date. You don’t have to pay any fee or interest on the loan amount. However, it is not recommended if you want to get cashback.

What about True Balance Loans?
Recently, True Balance introduced two types of loan – Personal Loan and Instant Loan. For a personal loan, you can apply up to Rs. 5,00,000 (5 lakhs) for a maximum period of 6 months. For an instant loan, you can apply for a small amount. In both loans, you need to complete KYC and fill out an online application on the app.

True Balance introduces train ticket booking
Train ticket booking service is not yet started on the app. The facility may come soon for everyone. 

What To Do If Any Payment Option Is Not Available For You?
If you have a bank account, you should be able to use any of the payment options mentioned above. Even if not so, you still have a chance to use this recharge app and get benefits. Find someone near you who uses True Balance. Pay him any amount you want to add in your True Balance account. Then, he can send a gift card of the value to your registered mobile number. Once you receive it, open the message and touch the link provided to redeem the amount. You get the full amount in your gift card balance and he gets 1% of the amount.

But if you can’t find any True Balance user around you, you can contact us to find a trusted user for you who can send your recharge balance as gift card to you as mentioned above. If you want to do so, contact us using the contact form below in this page for more information and guidance.

How To Maximise Your Earnings With True Balance?
The app can give you multiple earning opportunities. Besides mobile recharges, you can also make bill payments for DTH, electricity, gas etc. for making more money. You can create a good source of income per month or every month doing some simple tasks. Tap on ‘Earn’ in the app’s home page. You’ll see as follows:

Earn with True Balance

Let me tell you how you can money more and more, even automatically:
1. Auto Cashback: The more recharges and bill payments you do day to day, the more auto cashbacks you get. Try to do more transactions everyday and get more money. Today, almost every household in India uses at least two mobile phones. They use electricity. They watch TV. They use cooking gas. On the other hand, you have neighbours, you have friends and you have relatives. Note that many of them spend at least one time for these things each week. So, you can make more money giving these utility services to those people around you. Inform them or make them aware that you are doing recharge and bill payment services. After some times, you will get more and more customers for you without any effort.

2. Promo Code Offers: On the home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Find the promo code offers banner and tap on it to view them. True Balance offers many promo codes for you. Copy and use them when you do a recharge or bill payment. You will get extra more cashbacks.

3. Invite Others: Invite other people to install True Balance app. When a person installs it, you get Rs. 5. He or she also gets Rs. 5. You can invite your friends and other people on social media. You can directly send a referral link by sms, email, WhatsApp etc. Every time a new person installs the app, you get Rs. 5, each of them also get Rs. 5. Nothing to lose on both side! Invite more, earn more.

4. Refer Recharge Members Under You: This way can make you earn incomes automatically. It works like this. Get someone  to be interested and tell the benefits of using this app to him. Send your referral link to his Android phone by SMS and help him to install True Balance on his phone from the SMS. You get Rs. 5 and he also gets Rs. 5. Then, teach him how to do a small recharge just for testing.  After that, add your registered mobile number as a Group Member in his app (you should do it before he becomes a Gold Member). Once you do it, you will get a notification on your phone. He will get 1% cashback for every recharge and bill payment. Help him to become a Gold Member as you did before. Once he becomes a Gold Member, he will get a bonus of Rs. 50 just like you. And you will get Rs. 100 automatically. Then, he will get Gold Member’s cashbacks for every transaction done and you will get 1% group cashbacks for every transaction he did. So, you can add more group members under you to create income from many directions in the same way as above. Teach the group members under you to do the same way you did for them to enrol other people under them. Your income will grow automatically over time without effort. Note that when you are looking for people to add under you, look for people who can do more transactions easily due to their place of existence (such as a busy market). It helps you earn more quickly.

5. Play Lucky Spin: You can’t expect much earning from it. Think it as a time-pass game. But the coins you earn by playing it can be converted to real money which you can use for recharges. You can play it in your free time. Find the yellow coin at top of the home page to play.

With a little effort, you can earn a good income with this app. A little effort in the beginning will create a long time income stream for you. Start using True Balance today and grow your earning day after day.

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