Best New Fiction Books Coming Out in 2020 in India

 If you have been reading good fiction books since some times ago, I know you want to read more and more of them. Here is a list of best new fiction books coming out in 2020 in India. They are instant bestsellers published in this year. They include New York Times best selling novels and award winning titles from top best selling authors.


Scroll down the page and view all the books listing here. Read the short description and their recent reviews given of each book and choose your most favourite title to read. These books are available in both print and Kindle eBook editions. Click on your favourite title link to learn more about it at Amazon.


Best New Fiction Books Published in 2020

The Glass Hotel

1. The Glass Hotel

by Emily St. John Mandel


The New York Times bestselling novel, from the author of Station Eleven! Emily St. John Mandel's The Glass Hotel moves between the ship, the towers of Manhattan, and the wilderness of remote British Columbia, painting a breath-taking picture of greed and guilt, fantasy and delusion, art and the ghosts of our pasts.


- “Very readable. Original themes. Descriptive imagery... compelling. Characters convincing. Although the book didn't leave me with the sense that i had read a profound story....there was something in its subtlety that made it rewarding.”



The Night Watchman

2. The Night Watchman

by Louise Erdrich

New York Times Bestseller! Based on the extraordinary life of National Book Award-winning author Louise Erdrich’s  grandfather who worked as a night watchman and carried the fight against Native dispossession from rural North Dakota all the way to Washington, D.C., this powerful novel explores themes of love and death with lightness and gravity and unfolds with the elegant prose, sly humor, and depth of feeling of a master craftsman.


- “A poetic rendering of Native people’ s struggle against injustice told in a voice in tune with the natural world.”



Topics of Conversation

3. Topics of Conversation

by Miranda Popkey

From the coast of the Adriatic to the salt spray of Santa Barbara, the narrator of Topics of Conversation maps out her life through two decades of bad relationships, motherhood, crisis and consolation. The novel unfurls through a series of conversations - in private with friends, late at night at parties with acquaintances, with strangers in hotel rooms, in moments of revelation, shame, cynicism, envy and intimacy. Sizzling with enigmatic desire, Miranda Popkey's debut novel is a seductive exploration of life as a woman in the modern world, of the stories we tell ourselves and of the things we reveal only to strangers.


- “I rarely write reviews, but when I happened upon two negative reviews of this book I had to. This book is absolutely gripping, to the point that I have a hard time putting it down. It reads to me like the next generation of female narrators after/as influenced by Rachel Cusk's Outline trilogy, while also offering a much-needed antidote to the generations of male-centered novels that it is quite aware of and also responding to….”



My Dark Vanessa

4. My Dark Vanessa

by Kate Elizabeth Russell

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! Alternating between Vanessa’s present and her past, My Dark Vanessa juxtaposes memory and trauma with the breathless excitement of a teenage girl discovering the power her own body can wield. Thought-provoking and impossible to put down, this is a masterful portrayal of troubled adolescence and its repercussions that raises vital questions about agency, consent, complicity, and victimhood.


- “I purchased this on a recommendation and I’m very glad that I did. It isn’t comfortable reading but it’s so real, deep and authentic. You become truly invested in Vanessa’s journey and even her hostility and awkwardness draw your empathy and understanding. She was groomed in a truly effective and emotional sense and her relationship with her teacher defines her totally. A fantastic book.”



Long Bright River: an intense family thriller

5. Long Bright River: an intense family thriller

by Liz Moore


The New York Times bestseller and Guardian Book of the Month! Mickey Fitzpatrick has been patrolling the 24th District for years. She knows most of the working women by name. She knows what desperation looks like and what people will do when they need a fix. She’s become used to finding overdose victims: their numbers are growing every year. But every time she sees someone sprawled out, slumped over, cold to the touch, she has to pray it’s not her sister, Kacey.


- “Fell over this book when it was listed as a 'must read' in a magazine. Normally a little dubious about such lists meant I needn't have been with this. Very quickly got into thriller type scenarios and couldn't put it down. Well worth a read. Not quite five stars but did really enjoy it”




6. Weather

by Jenny Offill

Lizzie Benson slid into her job as a librarian without a traditional degree. But this gives her a vantage point from which to practise her other calling: as an unofficial shrink. For years, she has supported her God-haunted mother and her recovering addict brother. They have both stabilized for the moment, but then her old mentor, Sylvia Liller, makes a proposal. Sylvia has become famous for her prescient podcast, Hell and High Water, and wants to hire Lizzie to answer the mail she receives: from left-wingers worried about climate change and right wingers worried about the decline of western civilization.


- “A weirdly compulsive read. It was like the lead was having a conversation with herself, in her head about everything going on in and around her life.”



The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel)

7. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel)

by Suzanne Collins

It is the morning of the reaping that will kick off the tenth annual Hunger Games. In the Capitol, eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow is preparing for his one shot at glory as a mentor in the Games. The once-mighty house of Snow has fallen on hard times, its fate hanging on the slender chance that Coriolanus will be able to outcharm, outwit, and outmaneuver his fellow students to mentor the winning tribute.


- “Anticipated to be the most exciting book of 2020, The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes has not let me down. Suzzaine Collins has written this wonderful piece in just 528 pages. Revolving around President Snow, the entire book is way to engrossing and gripping. This book is literally the best thing happened to me in this Quarantine Period.”



8. The Book of Longings: From the author of the international bestseller THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES

by Sue Monk Kidd

Ana is a rebellious young woman, a gifted writer with a curious, brilliant mind, who writes secret narratives about the neglected and silenced women around her. Raised in a wealthy family in Galilee, she is sheltered from the brutality of Rome's occupation of Israel. Ana is expected to marry an elderly widower to further her father's ambitions, a prospect that horrifies her. A chance encounter with the eighteen-year-old Jesus changes everything: his ideas and his passion are intoxicating.


-“The novel's evocation of Galilee is fascinating ... clever rebellious Ana is a memorable character” (The Times)



House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City)

9. House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City)

by Sarah J. Maas

Half-Fae, half-human Bryce Quinlan loves her life. Every night is a party and Bryce is going to savour all the pleasures Lunathion - also known as Crescent City - has to offer. But then a brutal murder shakes the very foundations of the city, and brings Bryce's world crashing down.


- “Fast paced, detailed fantasy, with unpredictable twists and turns, and a surprise ending (at least for me). Great supporting characters, can’t wait for this to be a series, but glad there were no major cliff hangers.”



The Mirror and the Light

10. The Mirror and the Light

by Hilary Mantel

The long-awaited sequel to wolf hall and bring up the bodies, the stunning conclusion to Hilary mantel’s man Booker Prize-winning wolf hall trilogy. ‘If you cannot speak truth at a beheading, when can you speak it?’ England, may 1536. Anne Boleyn is dead, decapitated in the space of a heartbeat by a hired French executioner. As her remains are bundled into oblivion, Thomas Cromwell breakfasts with the victors…..


“‘Hilary Mantel has written an epic of English history that does what the Aeneid did for the Romans and War and Peace for the Russians. We are lucky to have it.’ - Sunday Telegraph


Nausea (Penguin Modern Classics)

11. Nausea (Penguin Modern Classics)

by Jean-Paul Sartre 

Nausea is both the story of the troubled life of a young writer, Antoine Quentin, and an exposition of one of the most influential and significant philosophical attitudes of modern times - existentialism. The book chronicles his struggle with the realisation that he is an entirely free agent in a world devoid of meaning; a world in which he must find his own purpose and then take total responsibility for his choices.


- “Its a deep novel and it will take you in other world. Jean-pal- Sartre has written it with perfection n its beyond the words.”



You Only Live Once: Author Signed Original Copy

12. You Only Live Once: Author Signed Original Copy

by Stuti Changle 

Imagine you disappear. Twenty years later, three people are looking for you. One is dying to meet you again. The other wishes you had never met them. The third wishes to have met you at least once. You are one person. Aren't you? But you are not the same for each one of them.


- “Nice write up skills and easily connectable. It shows that everyone needs to chase their inner desires and there will b a point in life when u will feel liberated.”



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13 Best Fiction Books by Indian Authors in 2020

Indians love reading fiction books written by Indian writers, because they correspond to Indian context, they are familiar with religion, lifestyle, people, culture and habit in India. This is a list of best fiction books by Indian authors including best selling and prize winning titles ever written. They are the most popular and famous ones in India and the world.


The top fiction novels in English includes old and new titles, they are evergreen and of all time. Scroll down the page to view all the books here for 2020. Read the short description and review under each book. Click on a favourite title link to view more details and hundreds of reviews on Amazon.


These fiction books are available in both print and eBook edition. Choose the Kindle edition to immediately read on your phone or any other device and stay safe at home these days. They are available for low prices.  


best fiction book by indian author


1. God of Small Things

by Arundhati Roy

Booker Prize winner ‘God of Small Things’ is a story about two children, Esthappen and Rahel. This was Arundhati Roy's debut novel, in which she throws light on certain facets of life in Kerala, highlighting issues of caste system, Keralite Syrian Christian lifestyle and communism.


- “This is one of the most heart wrenching and brutally honest book I have ever read.. the way she goes under the skin of her characters is unmatchable... This book takes a little piece of you when you finish reading it.”



The White Tiger: Booker Prize Winner 2008

2. The White Tiger

by Aravind Adiga

Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2008 Meet Balram Halwai, the 'white tiger': servant, philosopher, entrepreneur, murderer… Born in a village in the dark heart of India, the son of a rickshaw puller, Balram is taken out of school and put to work in a teashop. As he crushes coal and wipes tables, he nurses a dream of escape. His big chance comes when a rich landlord hires him as a chauffeur for his son, daughter-in-law, and their two Pomeranian dogs…..


- “This is a must read book for young generation of India which is trapped by the politicians and religious leaders.”



A Suitable Boy: 20th Anniversary Edition

3. A Suitable Boy: 20th Anniversary Edition

by Vikram Seth

The book covers an engaging story that is set in the post-independence India. The story unfolds through four middle class families—Mehras, Kapoors, Khans and Chatterjis. It also describes India's caste system that has four main classes, which are further based originally on personality, profession and birth.


- “Probably the best English language book written by an Indian writer. Cannot praise it enough. To be read and re-read.”



The Palace of Illusions: 10th Anniversary Edition

4. The Palace of Illusions: 10th Anniversary Edition

by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

First published in 2008, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's The Palace of Illusions has received wide acclaim for giving a woman's take on the timeless tale that is the Mahabharata. Narrated by Panchaali, wife of the five Pandava brothers, the novel traces her life from fiery birth and lonely childhood, where her beloved brother is her only true companion; through her complicated friendship with the enigmatic Krishna; to marriage, motherhood and her secret attraction to the mysterious man who is her husbands’ most dangerous enemy.


- “If you want to see Mahabharata from a different perspective then this is what you should read. Very nicely written.”



Train to Pakistan

5. Train to Pakistan

by Khushwant Singh

The partition of India was one of the most dreadful times in the recent Indian history. Since 1950s, it has time and again been depicted in various media. However, while most of those focussed mainly on the socio-political causes and effects, the Train to Pakistan is a novel which has captured the essential human trauma and suffering in the face of such a terror and crisis.


- “It is a classic narrating the atrocities and genocide committed on the partition of India in 1947 when innocent citizens became the victims in the crossfire.”



The Inheritance of Loss

6. The Inheritance of Loss

by Kiran Desai

In a crumbling, isolated house at the foot of Mount Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas lives an embittered judge who wants only to retire in peace, when his orphaned granddaughter, Sai, arrives on his doorstep. The judge's cook watches over her distractedly, for his thoughts are often on his son, Biju, who is hopscotching from one gritty New York restaurant to another.


- “A book that stays with you for a long time, letting thoughts linger in your mind and making you wonder about topics that never crossed your mind before!”



A Fine Balance: The epic modern classic

7. A Fine Balance

by Rohinton Mistry

'A towering masterpiece by a writer of genius.' Independent 'A masterpiece of illumination and grace. Like all great fiction, it transforms our understanding of life.' Guardian India, 1975. An unnamed city by the sea. The government has just declared a State of Emergency. Amidst a backdrop of wild political turmoil, the lives of four unlikely strangers collide forever. An epic panorama of modern India in all its corruption, violence, and heroism, A Fine Balance is Rohinton Mistry's prize-winning masterpiece….


- “Poignant, heart-rending, evocative tale which balances hope and despair like no book ever has or does. Will take quite a while to recover from this!”



Malgudi Days

8. Malgudi Days

by R. K. Narayan

The book Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories written by R.K. Narayan and published by Indian Thought Publications in India in the year 1943. Outside India the book was republished by Penguin Classics in 1982. Malgudi days is a collection of 32 fictional stories set in a small beautiful town called Malgudi in South India.


- “Enriching tales from a masterful storyteller.”


Midnight's Children

9. Midnight's Children

by Salman Rushdie

'Midnight’s Children’ by the renowned author Sulman Rushdie is an epic novel that opens up with a child being born at midnight on 15th August, 1947, just at a time when India is achieving Independence from centuries of foreign British colonial rule.


- “Book's a masterpiece, nothing's enough to say about that!”


Sea of Poppies

10. Sea of Poppies

by Amitav Ghosh

A motley array of sailors and stowaways, coolies and convicts is sailing down the Hooghly aboard the Ibis on its way to Mauritius. As they journey across the Indian Ocean old family ties are washed away and they begin to view themselves as jahaj-bhais or ship brothers who will build new lives for themselves in the remote islands where they are being taken.


- “Great read, Brilliantly written - couldn’t put it down from page 1. Great insights on that moment in history. Mauritius now means so much more”



The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy)

11. The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy)

by Amish

1900 BC. In what modern Indians mistakenly call the Indus Valley Civilisation. The inhabitants of that period called it the land of Meluha – a near perfect empire created many centuries earlier by Lord Ram, one of the greatest monarchs that ever lived.


- “Amazing depiction by the author. I literally had tears in my eyes after seeing the misery of the poor old man in ayodhya in ramjanmbhoomi temple”


One Indian Girl

12. One Indian Girl

by Chetan Bhagat

Hi, I'm Radhika Mehta and I'm getting married this week. I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you. You may not like me too much. One, I make a lot of money. Two, I have an opinion on everything. Three, I have had a boyfriend before. OK, maybe two. Now if all this was the case with a guy, one might be cool with it. But since I am a girl these three things I mentioned don’t really make me too likeable, do they?


- “Good book to read about women's rights, thought and value, definitely recommend to read this book. Nice one definitely, good story”


The Great Indian Novel

13. The Great Indian Novel

by Shashi Tharoor

In Shashi Tharoor’s satirical masterpiece, the story of the Mahabharata is retold as recent Indian history, and renowned political personalities begin to resemble characters from the Mahabharata—all of whom have a curious and ambiguous relationship with Draupadi Mokrasi (D. Mokrasi for short) . . .


- “An Excellent, Witty and charming sweep over the political landscape! A must for the connoisseurs of the word craft!”



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If you are happy with this book listing, share this page to your friends and social media posts. If you hold any valuable comment, please leave it in the comment box below.  

Best Mi Phones under 20000 in India

Mobile phones between ₹15000 to 20000 are the good range of smartphones. They are best as a best camera phone or gaming phone. Check the best Mi phones under ₹20000 and other top 10 Android phones in India for 2020. 


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Xiaomi Mi Phones under 20000     



Best Mi phone under 20000

1. Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB, 128GB)

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Redmi Note 8 Pro (Gamma Green, 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage with Helio G90T Processor) - 6 Month No Cost EMI

2. Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB, 64GB)

Price: ₹ 15,999

  • 64MP AI Quad rear camera and 20MP front camera
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Redmi Note 8 Pro (Electric Blue, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage with Helio G90T Processor) - 6 Months No Cost EMI

3. Redmi Note 8 Pro (8GB, 128GB)

Price: ₹ 18,999

  • 64MP AI Quad rear camera and 20MP front camera
  • 16.58 centimeters (6.53-inch), 2340 x 1080 pixels resolution and 19.5:9 aspect ratio, 2.5D curved glass
  • Amazon Alexa built-in
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Best mobile phones under ₹ 20,000

Best smartphones from Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Honor, etc are given below. Features and prices of each mobile phone are in the short description to help you choose your best smartphone. For more details and current prices at Amazon, click on the links given:


Samsung Galaxy M31 (Ocean Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

1. Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB, 128GB)

Price: ₹ 16,999

  • 64MP + 8MP + 5MP + 5MP rear camera and 32MP front facing camera
  • 16.21 centimeters (6.4-inch) FHD+ capacitive touchscreen with 2340 x 1080 pixels resolution, 404 ppi pixel density and 16M color support
  • 6GB RAM
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  • Android v10.0 operating system
  • 2.3GHz + 1.7GHz Exynos 9611 Octa core processor
  • 6000mAH lithium-ion battery (decent battery life)
  • Fast face unlock and fingerprint sensor


Poco F1 by Xiaomi (Armored Edition, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) - 6 Months No Cost EMI

2. Poco F1 by Xiaomi (8GB, 256GB)

Price: ₹ 16,999

  • 12MP+5MP AI dual rear camera and 20MP front camera
  • 15.6972 centimeters (6.18-inch) IPS (in-cell) multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 2246 x 1080 pixels resolution, 403 ppi pixel density
  • 8GB RAM
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  • Dual SIM (nano+nano) dual-standby (4G+4G)
  • Andriod Oreo v8.1 operating system
  • 2.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa core processor, 8xKyro cores/10 nm architecture
  • 4000mAH lithium-ion battery with quick charge 3.0


realme 5 Pro (Crystal Green, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

3. realme 5 Pro (8GB, 128GB)

Price: ₹ 16,967

  • 48MP+8MP+2MP+2MP rear camera | 16MP front camera
  • 16.002 centimeters (6.3-inch) Full HD+ capacitive touchscreen with 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution, 409 ppi pixel density
  • 8GB RAM
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  • Dual SIM (nano+nano) dual-standby (4G+4G)
  • Android Pie 9.0 operating system
  • 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM712 octa core processor, Adreno 616
  • 4035mAH lithium-ion battery


Honor 9X (Sapphire Blue, 4+128GB Storage)-Pop up Front Camera & 48MP Triple Rear Camera

4. Honor 9X (4GB, 128GB)

Price: ₹ 15,357

  • 48MP + 8MP + 2MP rear camera and 16MP front facing camera
  • 16.73 centimeters (6.59-inch) with 2340 x 1080 pixels resolution, 391 ppi pixel density and 16.7M color support
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128GB storage expandable up to 512GB
  • Dual SIM with dual standby (4G+4G)
  • EMUI 9.1.0 based on Android 9 operating system
  • 2.2GHz Kirin 710 F octa core processor
  • 4000mAH Lithium polymer battery


Vivo S1 (Skyline Blue, 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers

5. Vivo S1 (4GB, 128GB)

Price: ₹ 16,990

  • 16+8+2MP triple camera and 32MP front camera
  • 16.20 centimeters (6.38 inch) multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB internal memory expandable up to 256GB
  • Dual nano SIM (4G+4G)
  • Android Pie v9.0 operating system
  • MediaTek Helio P65 octa core processor
  • 4500mAh lithium-ion battery with 18W dual-engine fast charging technology


Nokia 7.2 (Charcoal, 64 GB) (6 GB RAM)

6. Nokia 7.2 (64 GB, 6 GB)

Price: ₹ 17,523

  • 6 GB RAM
  • 64 GB ROM expandable Upto 512 GB
  • 16.0 cm (6.3 inch) FHD+ Display
  • 48MP + 5MP + 8MP camera and  20MP Front Camera
  • 3500 mAh Battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Processor
  • Android operating system


OPPO A9 2020 (Marine Green, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers

7. OPPO A9 2020 (8GB, 128GB)

Price: ₹ 18,490

  • 48+8+2+2MP rear quad camera with 16MP AI front camera
  • 16.5 centimeters (6.5-inch) with 1600 x 720 pixels resolution and waterdrop screen, Corning Gorilla 3+ screen, sunlight screen, night shield with blue light filter
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB internal memory expandable up to 256GB
  • Dual nano SIM (4G+4G)
  • Android v9.0 based on Color OS 6.1 operating system
  • 2.0GHz SM6125 Qualcomm Snapdragon 655 octa core processor, Adreno 610 GPU
  • 5000mAH lithium-polymer battery


Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 (Emerald Green, 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

8. Huawei Y9 Prime (4GB, 128GB)

Price: ₹ 16,899

  • 16MP front Auto Pop-up camera with16MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera
  • 16.7 centimeters (6.59-inch) TFT LCD LTPS multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 2340 x 1080 pixels resolution, 391 ppi pixel density, 16.7M color support
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB internal memory expandable up to 512GB
  • Dual nano SIM (4G+4G)
  • Android Pie v9.0 +EMUI 9.0.1 operating system
  • 2.2GHz Cortex A73 + 1.7GHz Cortex A53 Hisilicon Kirin 710F octa core processor
  • 4000mAH lithium-ion battery


Motorola One Power P30 (Black, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage)

9. Motorola One Power P30 ( 4GB, 64GB)

Price: ₹ 16,473

  • 16MP+5MP dual camera with 12MP front camera
  • 15.748 centimeters (6.2-inch) LTPS LCD HD+ multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 1080 x 2246 pixels resolution, 403 ppi pixel density
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  • 64GB internal memory expandable up to 256GB
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  • 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 octa core processor, Adreno 509
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HTC Desire 12 + (Cool Black, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage)

10. HTC Desire 12 + (3GB, 32GB)

Price: ₹ 18,002

  • 13+2 MP Dual camera and 8 MP selfie camera
  • 15.24 centimetres (6-inch) HD+ capacitive touchscreen with 720x1440 pixels, 268 ppi pixel density, 16.7M color support and 18:9 aspect ratio
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB storage expandable up to 400GB
  • Dual SIM (4G+4G)
  • Android v8 Oreo operating system
  • 1.8GHz Cortex A53 Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 64-bit octa core processor
  • 2965 mAH lithium ion battery.



14 Best Science Fiction Books in 2020 in India

Science fiction is so interesting to read. Sci-fi novels give scientific temperament to readers. They are good friends for time passers. Here is a list of science fiction books best in 2020 and in this 21st century. The sci-fi books include Amazon bestsellers, New York Times bestsellers and award winners. These fantasy books of all time are great for adults and young adults (teens). In this list, you’ll find new titles and old ones but still best in reading.


The best sci-fi books from best selling authors are most popular worldwide and also in India. Scroll down the page to view all the books listed here and read the short description along with a recent review below each title. Choose your most favourite one among them and click on any title link for more details at Amazon. They are available in both print and eBook editions. If you want to read immediately on your mobile phone or computer, select the Kindle eBook format and buy it for the price of a coffee cup.


Best Science Fiction Books in 2020



The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Complete Trilogy in Five Parts (Hitchhikers Guide to/Galaxy)

1. The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Complete Trilogy in Five Parts

by Douglas Adams

One Thursday lunchtime the Earth gets unexpectedly demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass. For Arthur Dent, who has only just had his house demolished that morning, this seems already to be rather a lot to cope with. Sadly, however, the weekend has only just begun. The Galaxy may offer a mind-boggling variety of ways to be blown up and/or insulted, but it’s very hard to get a cup of tea.


- “An amazing combination of heartfelt stories mixed with fanatic comedy. By Zarquon, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish



best science fiction books

2. The Left Hand of Darkness

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Genly Ai is an ethnologist observing the people of the planet Gethen, a world perpetually in winter. The people there are androgynous, normally neuter, but they can become male ot female at the peak of their sexual cycle. They seem to Genly Ai alien, unsophisticated and confusing. But…


- “it’s a science fiction that’s different from others. it is a rich thought experiment, a question of a planet with no clear gender divide and the culture shocks that come with it. Happy reading!”



Snow Crash

3. Snow Crash

by Neal Stephenson

Enter the Metaverse - cyberspace home to avatars and software daemons, where anything and just about everything goes. Newly available on the Street - the Metaverse's main drag - is Snow Crash, a cyberdrug. Trouble is it is also a computer virus - and something more. Because once taken it infects the person behind the avatar. Snow Crash bleeds into reality.


- “The core plot is a lot of hot air jand waving, even for science fiction, but it is done with a gusto, so you just enjoy it.”





4. Dune

by Frank Herbert

Melange, or 'spice', is the most valuable - and rarest - element in the universe; a drug that does everything from increasing a person's life-span to making intersteller travel possible. And it can only be found on a single planet: the inhospitable desert world Arrakis.


- “Absolute masterpiece by Frank Herbert. It will take a couple of hundred pages to take off... But once it does it doesn't stop. Deep and layered narrative with complex themes from politics to ecology and religion and what not. And one the most captivating world building I've ever come across. A must read for sure.”




5. Foundation

by Isaac Asimov

The Foundation series is Isaac Asimov’s iconic masterpiece. Unfolding against the backdrop of a crumbling Galactic Empire, the story of Hari Seldon’s two Foundations is a lasting testament to an extraordinary imagination, one whose unprecedented scale shaped science fiction as we know it today.


- “Superb! The use of different strategies like religion and trade to retain power and control with time is very real.”



Hyperion (S.F. Masterworks)

6. Hyperion (S.F. Masterworks)

by Dan Simmons

It is the 29th century and the universe of the Human Hegemony is under threat. Invasion by the warlike Ousters looms, and the mysterious schemes of the secessionist AI TechnoCore bring chaos ever closer.


- “One of the best science fiction books I have ever read. Each story a different kind of writing. The complex and mysterious universe created by Dan Simmons is a masterpiece.”



Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?: The inspiration behind Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 (S.F. Masterworks)

7. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?: The inspiration behind Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 (S.F. Masterworks)

by Philip K. Dick

World War Terminus had left the Earth devastated. Through its ruins, bounty hunter Rick Deckard stalked, in search of the renegade replicants who were his prey. When he wasn't 'retiring' them with his laser weapon, he dreamed of owning a live animal - the ultimate status symbol in a world all but bereft of animal life.


- “Takes us deep into the debate of what makes us human and robots just machines. Far more intense than either film.”



Brave New World

8. Brave New World

by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World is a novel with a science-fiction theme written by bestselling author, Aldous Huxley, and was first published in 1932. It is set in the far future, in 2540 AD and features a utopian view of the society at that time, with a lot of material dedicated to sleep learning, reproductive technology, and classical conditioning. The title is derived from a line in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.


-“Scarier than Orwells 1984 but at the same time comforting too. I think this would be a better dystopia to live in rather than the one from 1984 if I had to choose.”



Animal Farm

9. Animal Farm

by George Orwell

Animal farm is an allegorical novella. The book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. Set in a farm, the novel depicts a rising revolt among the animals, who wish to take over the humans. Animals that live in Mr. Jones farm are tired of serving humans and find it very exploiting as they use animals for all their needs.


- “I would recommend it to all the socialists who rely on government to give them free goodies. Socialism always leads to communism”




10. 1984

by George Orwell

1984 is considered a work of political prophecy that continues to grow more haunting as it becomes more real with every passing day. It was published seventy years ago. English political novelist George Orwell wrote this dystopian tale as a warning against totalitarianism that told us what the world would be without the freedom to think. It has now become one of the most significant novels of the 20th century.


- “The best part of reading this book is you can picture every word in your mind. the suspense and drama in it will easily get hold of you.A worth read.”




Recursion: From the Bestselling Author of Dark Matter Comes the Most Exciting, Twisty Thriller of the Year

11. Recursion

by Blake Crouch

At first, it looks like a disease. An epidemic that spreads through no known means, driving its victims mad with memories of a life they never lived. But the force that’s sweeping the world is no pathogen. It’s just the first shockwave, unleashed by a stunning discovery – and what’s in jeopardy is not just our minds.


- “Written like a thriller this is quite a page turner. There are multiple twists too. The science is a bit odd but good enough to keep one believing in the story.”




12. Exhalation

by Ted Chiang

In the epistolary ‘Exhalation’, an alien scientist makes a shocking discovery with ramifications not just for his own people, but for all of reality. And in ‘The Lifecycle of Software Objects’, a woman cares for an artificial intelligence over twenty years, elevating a faddish digital pet into what might be a true living being. Also included are two previously unpublished stories: ‘Omphalos’ and ‘Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom’.

- “Amazingly thought provoking collection of stories by Ted Chiang. Each story is a wonderful mix of science fiction and philosophy.”



The Martian

13. The Martian

by Andy Weir

I’m stranded on Mars. I have no way to communicate with Earth. I’m in a Habitat designed to last 31 days. If the Oxygenator breaks down, I’ll suffocate. If the Water Reclaimer breaks down, I’ll die of thirst. If the Hab breaches, I’ll just kind of explode. If none of those things happen, I’ll eventually run out of food and starve to death. So yeah. I’m screwed.


- “Loved the book and loved the movie too! Such a fantastic read. The book goes little slower than the movie but you can feel the time that you spend Watney on Mars.”



Neuromancer (Sprawl Trilogy)

14. Neuromancer (Sprawl Trilogy)

by William Gibson

William Gibson revolutionised science fiction in his 1984 debut Neuromancer. The writer who gave us the matrix and coined the term 'cyberspace' produced a first novel that won the Hugo award, Nebula and Philip K. Dick Awards, and lit the fuse on the Cyberpunk movement.


- “The tech is almost within our arms reach, or so it seems. Real, gritty, edgy. We are all Neuromancers in a way.”



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