Typing Works from Home Without Investment in India

An online typing work is a work to be done by typing online using a computer keyboard for a company or firm for earning money. The earning rate of the work may be fixed by you or the company as per the work available. Men, women, employed, unemployed or students can do it. You can work at home or anywhere in India or another country. 

typing works from home without investment

In most cases, at least you need to have the following for the work or job:
Fast typing skill,
A PC or laptop,
Internet connection,
Capable of using MS Word or MS Excel,
Gmail account for communication,
Bank account for receiving your earning cash,
PayPal account for processing payments etc.
There are a lot of typing jobs or works available on the internet. But it is difficult to choose which ones are genuine, which ones pay really, and which ones are paying higher. But they are free to join. Below, here are some websites or companies offering typing jobs for you. You can join them without any investment. No registration fees.
These typing jobs are also for students without investment, if they have time to do the works. They can do it to earn extra incomes from home or anywhere.
It requires your time and typing skills. The more typing speed you have, the more you can earn.
Some companies offer the jobs for daily payment while others pay weekly. They get the typing project works from other companies, individuals and government departments. You fulfill the work for them.
You can earn money online without any investment by typing. Nothing else to do – no marketing ideas or struggles required.
So, try any one of them below and choose the best one for you to earn online by typing. Check the following sites offering typing works from home without investment:
1. CyberExpo
You can work at CyberExpo without any investment for two years. They pay you daily. They give you scanned copies of texts to type.
For more details, Click Here.
2. Typing Work4u
They offer you data entry jobs you can do from home. They give you scanned images of 100 words each for typing. You can earn up to $1 per page. You’ll get paid every 7 days for each project. You can get paid through PayPal, Paytm, cheque or western union money transfer. They charge you no registration fee or investment from you.
For more details, Click Here.
3. Fiverr
It is a popular freelancers’ site. They don’t actually give you the jobs. Instead, you list your typing service called a gig in Fiverr. In your gig page, include various typing services from scanned images and any contract work for typing. The more you get orders, the more you earn.
4. 99 DXB
They give image files to you. You need to type from your computer. They pay you on weekly basis. Students can also join the projects for earning money at their free hours. Nothing to pay for applying.
For more details to apply for the job, Click Here.
5. Amazon MTruck
MTruck provides data entry work including typing jobs you can start without any investment.
For more details, Click Here.
6. Captcha entry jobs
This kind of jobs is also an online typing job. You can earn money doing it at home. Below are some sites offering captcha entry jobs to register yourself:
7. Online data entry jobs
Data entry job is also a typing job. You can make money online with your keyboard.
For more details, Click Here.
8. Find typing jobs in India
There are many companies or firms looking for typists. You can find such typing job opportunities from job sites. Use a keyword like typing jobs to get results from job sites in India. You can include city names like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc to find relevant results.
To search such jobs in India, Click Here.

What else to make money online?
We will add other best typing job offering websites in this page whenever we hear and come across. Try any of the above and continue if it looks good. If you find any of them fake or cheating, report through the comment box below. I will remove it from this page to replace with new ones. If this page is found interesting to you, please share to your social networks on behalf of us.

25 Ways to Make Money Online in India

There are many ways to start online to make money. How much you can earn depends on your efforts, skills and enthusiasm. As per your time available, you can do part time or full time from home or anywhere. Or any part of the day free to you. You can work for 7 days a week or only a few days in a week. Almost anyone in India or other parts of the globe can make money doing these ways. Don’t expect much earning in the beginning. How quickly you can start earning depends on you. Almost all the money-making ways given here require no investment – you need just reading some guides and having some gadgets as per your choice of money-making ways. In most of the ways, you need a computer and an internet connection. A smartphone may also be a useful device for you. For receiving your earnings, you should also have an email account, a bank account, and a PayPal account.

Now, check the following 25 ways telling about how to make money online. Choose the ones best suited to you and read the resources or guides from the links given along with each money-making way to maximize your success: 

make money online

1. Make Money with YouTube Channel
YouTube is the world’s most popular and most visited video site. Billions of people around the world browse and watch videos everyday on YouTube. Start your own YouTube channel and monetize your videos. You do it along with some software tools, your smartphone or video camera. Upload the videos that people love to view. The more views your videos get, the more you earn. You should enable the monetization option in your YouTube account.
Learn more about making money with YouTube channel

affiliate marketing
2. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a kind of online marketing to earn commissions by driving buyers to merchant sites and making them purchase products or services. For doing this, most affiliate marketers run a website or blog and choose their favourite merchants to pick the products to promote in their website. As an affiliate marketer, you can look for high paying affiliate programs or popular ones like Amazon Associate Program. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online. In this marketing system, the more you convert into sales, the more you earn.

3. Start a Blog and Make Money
Starting a blog and making money from it is an easy way you can do online from home. For this, you need a blog free or paid. As a blogger, you need to have a good writing skill on topics people love to read. You can monetize your blog by recommending products, placing AdSense ads and other monetization ways. Write informative articles and product reviews. If people are interested in your blog posts, more and more of them will visit your blog. The more people click affiliate links placed in your articles and click on the ads, the more you earn.

4. Write and Publish Kindle eBooks
You can generate a passive income by writing Kindle eBooks and publishing at Amazon. You can write in any topic you know. But it should be highly demanding and popular to create more sales. Note that many people are looking for good Kindle eBooks for in-depth knowledge. After writing an eBook, you should sign up to Kindle Direct Publishing Program for distribution rights to Amazon. This will enable you sell your eBook to all countries where Amazon is available. But before doing it, you need to think of a best selling topic to write about for getting more sales and earn more.

Start A Paid Membership Site
5. Start a Membership Site
A membership site is a type of websites which allows only members can access the exclusive content. As a site owner, you earn monthly fees from your members. You should offer valuable information and info-products so that people intend to pay for becoming a member of your site. First, learn how to start a successful membership site.

6. Make Profits by Selling WebsitesYour existing websites can be sold out. You can also buy and sell websites for profits. Or you can develop an attractive website and then sell it out for any price. You can sell websites at Flippa.com. Based on the earning potential of the site, set a bid price and start an auction. Once you get a bid you want to sell, finalize the deal.

7. Sell Video Courses on Udemy
Udemy is best known for its huge list of video courses. When you visit the site, you’ll find a lot of courses to learn new skills. If you have some teaching ability and create a good video course on an interesting, hot topic, you can earn money from there. Many people visit Udemy daily to learn new knowledge. Create your course and upload to Udemy. The more people sign up, the more you earn. Learn Udemy know-hows and create a quality course to maximise your earning.

make money from fiverr
8. Sell a Service on Fiverr
Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancers’ site. Many freelancers sell their services and deliver digitally. You too can become a Fiverr seller and make money. A service is called as a gig. You can start any gig you can do for others and sell starting from $5. You can simply do typing works for other people. Think of any service to get hired you and list your gig on Fiverr. Try the gig get ranked higher in search results to get more orders.

9. Make Money from CPA Marketing
CPA means Cost per Click. You get paid when someone clicks your affiliate link and do an action something like signing up a form, downloading a trial software or requesting a quote. It is based on lead generation. You don’t need to make people buy anything. So, it is an easy marketing system to make money. For CPA marketing, you need a website and should have the writing ability to persuade people to generate more leads for companies. To find your best CPA programs, visit the following websites: oDigger.com and OfferVault.com

make money with seo
10. Start an SEO Service and Help Site Owners
Achieving high ranking in Google search results and getting a lot of traffic are always a dream of every website owner. Helping them achieve their dream goal, you can earn a lot by working from home with your computer. Learn Search Engine Optimization and start your SEO service. If you have a good skill that satisfies your clients requirements, you can earn as much as you can.

11. Sell Art and Crafts
If you love in designing and creating art and craft items, you can sell them worldwide through Etsy and make money. Etsy is a portal with big visitor base for selling arts and crafts. So, you don’t need to have a website, promote your items and handle payment processing. Register yourself at Etsy.com and select a storename. Set up your store and upload an appealing logo. Take attractive item photos and include in the nicely written product description. Like Etsy, there are other sites where you can sell your items. They are Handmadeartists.com, zibbet.com, uncommongoods.com, AftCra.com etc. 

12. Work as Search Engine Evaluator
For providing quality search results, search engines like Google, Bing and others look for manpower. Leapforce is an independent company contracted by top search engines. You can join Leapforce and work as a SE Evaluator to earn $7 to $13 per hours. You don’t have to invest anything. You need only a laptop, a smartphone and a decent internet connection. For getting hired, visit Leapforce, apply online and upload your resume. You need to qualify a 3-part exam consisting of theoretical and practical knowledge of search engine evaluation. It’s a challenging test you need to take care. You need to read their study materials carefully to pass the exam. 

13. Create Mobile Apps
You can create an automatic income stream from mobile apps. Make Android or iOS apps and upload to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. You can monetize your app with AdMob, the Google’s advertising network. You can also insert affiliate links to make extra commissions. If yours is a useful, quality app, you can also sell it for a price or subscription fee. Even though you don’t have any coding knowledge, you can create apps using an app maker. Some popular app making tools are Swiftic.com, Appinstitute.com, Appypie.com, Shoutem.com etc.

Learn to Create WordPress Themes by Building 5 Projects.: Master the fundamentals of WordPress theme development and create attractive WordPress themes from scratch
14. Create WordPress Themes and Make Money
If you know WordPress basics, HTML and CSS coding, you can create WordPress themes and sell them. Brainstorm web masters' requirements and create quality themes they’d like. You can sell them in your website. But you can also sell the themes to Themeforest.com and Mojo-themes.com. If you don’t have any coding skill, learn it first.

15. Earn through Email Marketing
Email marketing is a form of marketing using an email list of subscribers to promote your products or services. First, you need to build the email list through an opt-in form placed in your website or blog. You encourage your visitors to sign up for becoming a subscriber by offering a free eBook or a course or anything. Then, you email them your offers time to time. This is a cost effective way to get customers and get them engaged. For this purpose, you use a tool like Aweber. For building your subscriber list quickly and running successful email marketing campaigns, some books are recommended to read.

how to make money from facebook
16. Do Facebook Marketing
Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites with lots of marketing potential. Millions of people use Facebook everyday. If you properly create a Facebook page on a topic to be interested and engage with people to grow your fan base, you can get success with Facebook marketing. First, learn about its environment and try your best to grow the number of your fans, then create attractive posts to promote your business or affiliate products.

17. Become an Online Writer
If you become an experienced online writer, you can make money easily. You can write articles for websites and blogs. You can do copywriting for company products. When writing content, you should have the skills to persuade people. You can write only on a specific field or on a variety of topics as your clients want. If you are a beginner, practice to become a smooth, professional writer.

Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition
18. Take Photos and Sell for Money
If you are a professional photographer, you can start earning immediately by selling photos. Professionalism and credibility can make your photos sell more and earn more. Just with a mobile camera or a digital camera won’t help you make money. Take photos with saleable qualities to get sold. If you are already experienced in photography, sign up and upload your photos to these websites: Shutterstock.com, Dreamstime.com and Gettyimages.com. If you want to learn photography as a way to make money, read some books.

Podcasting For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
19. Earn by Podcasting
Earn with your voice by explaining a topic interesting to people. A podcast is an audio file downloadable to a computer or any media player. You can upload your audio files to your own website or iTunes for sale. You can create a series of podcasts and make available to your subscribers. You can add promotional breaks in the podcasts to promote any other products or services. Your podcasts should be interesting, valuable and useful to persuade people to buy them.

20. Start a Book Review Website
Knowing about a book before actually buying it is interesting to many readers. You can start a book review site and publish honest reviews of interesting books. To make money from your review articles, join any popular affiliate programs like Amazon Associate Program. Write reviews about the books you’ve read. But you don’t need to read all books for writing reviews. You can collect information about the book from the internet and write your unique review. Add affiliate links in the articles. The more people click your links and buy the books, the more you earn. Read the section named “Start a Blog and Make Money” in this page to start a website for reviews

21. Teach Your Native Language
Earn by teaching your language worldwide online. Many people want to learn a new language for getting employment, studying overseas, or travelling etc. You can work as an online teacher at iTalki.com. You should have a clear understanding and a teaching experience of the language. Most teachers charge from $10 to $20 per hour based on their expertise and feedbacks. Visit the website for more details, if you are interested in this field.

22. Transcribe Interviews
In interview transcribing, you listen to an audio or video interview and write down word for word speaking in the interview. Busy journalists, bloggers and writers outsource the work to interview transcribers. If you have the ability to listen and write down correctly, you can do the work. To get hired, register at Verbalink.com or Scribie.com. You can also contact local newspapers, TV news and magazines to ask if they have such a job for you.  Also contact bloggers and news websites to get hired.

Learn Chinese Through English
23. Be a Document Translator
You can earn money by translating from a language to another. You should know both the languages very well in this job. You can start your translation service simply at Fiverr. You can also do at Translatorscafe.com, Gengo.com and Lingosaur.com. The more you get hired, the more you earn. You can earn from $12 to $40 per hour based on content type. You can charge more on technical and scientific content. You can do translation work from English to your mother tongue or vice versa. However, to earn even more you can learn Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French.

24. Become an Online Tutor
In today’s busy world, many people want the convenience of online coaching. You can teach students any subject like maths, science, computer science, grammar etc online from home. You should have a good teaching experience in the subject. Enrol yourself with a tutoring site like Tutor.com, Tutorvista.com, e-Tutor.com or SmarThinking.com. You can earn $9 to $40 per hour. If you become a certified teacher, you can charge $50 or more per hour. 

25. Work as a Virtual Call Centre Agent
You can work as a call centre for an organisation from home. As a virtual agent, you receive a script from the main office telling how to answer on a routine customer service, a complaint or a sale. For this work, you need fluency in the language. You also need to have a quite, detraction-free room in your home, a corded telephone with dedicated landline, a corded headset, and a computer with wired internet connection. Enrol to become a virtual call centre agent at Workingsolutions.com or LiveOps.com. You can earn $7 to $15 per hour.  You may also get commissions if you can turn into sales. 

If you are looking for any job in India, Click Here.

The above are just a few ways listed up to now. We have more to add in this list. So, come back to this page every few days and check other new ways about how to earn online. If you are happy with this article, please share this page to your friends and loved ones and help them earn some money. If you have any comment, leave it in the comment box below.

Make Money with SEO in India – Start Your SEO Services

Every website owner wants their website rank higher in Google search results and get lots of visitors. You can help the site owners to improve their Google ranking and drive traffic to their website. For this purpose, learn search engine optimisation (SEO). If you have excellent skills in this field, you can make money with SEO easily. Start a SEO service online and work from home. You can earn a handsome income per month in India. You can even quit your current job as you can earn a lot. It is highly demanding, and earning potential is quite high in India as the number of websites or blogs is increasing constantly worldwide.

make money with seo

Here is how you can make money with SEO!
SEO is a method or technique to increase visibility of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs) of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. A webmaster or website owner who has good SEO skills knows how to get his or her website ranked in top positions of Google and other search engines and drive traffic easily. But note that all webmasters don’t have the required SEO knowledge well. Even though a few of them have the SEO knowledge and know how to apply it, they can’t do it all alone. Because, SEO is a vast subject. There are several tasks they alone can’t do all. There are many techniques they don’t know. Take the advantages and help them in the areas they don’t know or can’t do. Doing so, you can earn money by working for them from the comfort of your home freely in your own time.

First, learn SEO
Currently, if you don’t have enough skills, first learn it from a SEO guru. If you can’t find any expert to teach you, read some SEO books. SEO articles found on the web won’t help you achieve the desired skills. Good SEO books can give you in-depth knowledge in the field. Check the link below to view some selected best books at Amazon:

Money-Making Techniques with SEO
As mentioned above, SEO is a vast subject. There are several techniques and tactics you need to cover. So, learn SEO first as a whole to understand all the topics with a book mentioned above. It is necessary. Because all topics are related to each other. If you don’t know one topic, you are hard to know the other topic. Like that, you can’t apply a particular technique confidently if you don’t know the basic concepts of the whole SEO subject. So, read a good book and understand the SEO fundamentals first. Then, pick a SEO topic interesting to you and start making money.

When you learn SEO, you’ll find two most important topics as below:
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

In on-page SEO, optimisation techniques are done inside the website itself. But in off-page SEO, the techniques are done by building links and driving traffic from other websites to your website. Both SEO techniques are important to enhance Google ranking and bringing organic traffic. Choose which one is more interesting to you.

If you want to work in on-page SEO, there are many ways you can make money including article writing, article rewriting, article spinning, content improvement, on-site auditing and fixing issues, keyword research and more. Among them, you can start with only one proficient to you. For example, if you have good writing skills, you can start an article writing service and work as a freelancer to make money.

If you are interested in off-page SEO, you can do many ways including backlink building, social media posting, social media bookmarking, blog commenting, guest posting, directory posting and many more. Choose any way you can do for your client’s websites. For example, if you have a social media account (like Facebook) with a big fan base, you can earn money by driving visitors to their websites.

If possible, you can do multiple services and earn much more. 

How to Start Your Service and Earn Money?
If you think that you can satisfy your customers with your service, start it. One easy way to do it fast is to join a freelance site. Among others, Fiverr is a great site for freelancers. You can sell there any of your SEO services (gigs).

If you want, you can start a blog and offer your services in the blog.

Or you can find a SEO or marketing job of a company in India or abroad. You can search SEO job openings in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore or anywhere.

If you want to go with SEO and internet marketing as a career and learn more to improve your marketing skills, visit www.nigcworld.com for SEO and web marketing guides.

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How to Save Money on Amazon in India (11 Shopping Tips)

save money on amazon shopping
Every shopper on earth knows the above image. Because, Amazon is the safest online marketplace and it delivers products at the best competitive prices out of the rest. When you visit the Amazon website or app, you’ll see several exciting offers and save a lot when you buy anything you want. In this page, I will tell you how to save money on Amazon (India). Know these shopping tips and shop wisely. You will save more money than other people who don’t know these shopping tips.
I will update latest Amazon shopping tips and offers time to time. So, don’t forget to visit this page when you plan to buy something you require from Amazon.
You can search any item from here



Special Attraction for the Day

Redmi Y3 (Elegant Blue, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage)

Redmi Y3

(3GB RAM, 32GB Storage/12MP+2MP dual rear camera | 32MP front facing camera )
No cost EMI
28% on business purchases
Exchange offers

OnePlus 6T (Mirror Black, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)
No cost EMI
Upto 70% exchange price
Benefits up to Rs. 9,300 on Jio Digital
Upto Rs. 2,000 discount on SBI debit and credit cards


Samsung Galaxy M40 (Midnight Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

(6GB RAM, 128GB
32MP + 8MP + 5MP triple rear camera | 16MP front facing camera)
No cost EMI
10% cashback on Visa Signature or Visa Infinite cards
Jio Double Data Offer/Airtel 100% more Data offer/Vodafone Cashback
Exchange offers
Save upto 28% on business purchase

Honor 8C (Blue, 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage)
Save up to Rs. 15,000

Minimum 50% off


How to save more money on Amazon in India?

1. Use Amazon coupon codes and save more

Save more money by using coupon codes for eligible items in various product categories. Choose your items at Amazon coupon page. Discounts will be applied automatically at checkout.

2. Avail cashback offers

If you do business purchases, you will get GST invoices and save up to 28%. But you should sign up for a business account from the link below:


3. Read Kindle eBooks instead of books

At Amazon, Kindle editions are available of almost all books you love to read. They are lower in prices in comparison to paperback editions. You can instantly read them online or on Kindle app once after you order it. If you subscribe Kindle Unlimited, you can read many different Kindle eBooks for a small monthly fee and save even more.

4. Check Bank offers

Amazon gives special discounts on credit cards and debit cards of various banks in India. By using them during the offer period, you can earn extra discounts or cashbacks. Also check No Cost EMI options for your bank from the following link:

5. Seasonal offers (Great Indian Sale, Super Value Day, etc.)

You can save more if you shop during Amazon seasonal sales like Great Indian Sale, Super Value Day etc. Buy products during the offer period and save more money. Also check various discount and cashback offers with Amazon Pay.
Super Value Days (1 to 7 every month)

6. Subscribe for regularly used items

If you are ordering a certain type of items regularly from Amazon, subscribe it and save more money.

7. Become a Prime Member

By becoming an Amazon’s Prime Member, you will get much more benefits. When you become a Prime Member, you will enjoy unlimited fast delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and you will also get best deals earlier than non-prime customers. Currently, Amazon offers 2% prime rewards on every order for prime members who set up auto-reload of Rs. 1,000 or more. All the benefits just for Rs. 129!
Prime Days (July 15-16, 2019)

8. Save on Delivery Cost

In most time, Amazon offers free delivery if you buy for Rs. 499 or more. So, you can add more items in your shopping cart before checkout, if your order amount is below Rs. 499.

9. Save on mobile recharges and bill payments

You do mobile recharges and bill payments for DTH, electricity, gas and many other services regularly. You even book travel tickets. Save money or get cashbacks on such payments through Amazon. You don’t need any coupon code to apply as Amazon applies the offers or cashbacks automatically for you on their terms and conditions.

10. Add items in shopping cart

Add your favourite items and products in the shopping cart. When the price changes, you’ll be notified by email.


11. Amazon App Only Deals

You can avail extra more savings when you shop on Amazon shopping app. If you have an Android smartphone, install Amazon app and get the special offers for app users only. Click on the following links from your smartphone browser (i.e. Chrome) and view the app only deals. If you haven’t already installed the Amazon app, you’ll see the download link for Android phones:

Surprisingly, some products are available at the lower prices than that of Amazon. If you are interested to buy any of the following products, you can get them at the lowest price than anywhere else. Click on the links and view their prices:

Want to buy from Flipkart, India’s another top shopping site? Visit Flipkart from here.

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How to Save Money in Flipkart Shopping in India - Fashion Sale is Live

Flipkart is one of the biggest shopping sites in India. You can buy almost anything from there. But before you order anything, know these shopping tips and tricks to save more money as discounts or cashbacks. Note! You can save more than other people who don’t know the shopping secrets given here. Saving is earning. Learn here how to save money when shopping at Flipkart. Visit this page whenever you have something to buy online. We will update here new shopping offers and tips regularly.

save money on Flipkart shopping

Search any product you want from here

Best Attraction of the Day

Redmi Note 7S (Sapphire Blue, 32 GB)
No Cost EMI
Exchange offers
Extra Rs. 1,000 off
5% discount on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

WOW SKIN SCIENCE Flawless Whitening Fairness Pearl Serum

Blue half sleeve polo tee

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 44 mm Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Loop

Apple Watch Series 4

9% off
No cost EMI
5% discount on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

Annabelle by Pantaloons Formal 3/4th Sleeve Printed Women's Red Top

1. Latest Offers
View the following latest offers and discounts and save more on Flipkart.
  • No cost EMI
  • Extra 5% off with Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

2. Deals of the Day
Everyday, Flipkart offers deals on several items. Check those items available in the deals and buy if you find anything your require.
View today’s best offers at Flipkart >> Deals of the Day
View weekly offers >> Special deals of the week

3. Flipkart App only Offers
Flipkart app users can save more while they are shopping. View this page in your phone browser to download the app and click on the following link to install the app. Sign up or sign in and check the special offers for app users only.
Download the app if you haven’t already >> Download Flipkart Shopping App

4. Shopping Days
Enjoy the shopping offers of this season:
Up to 70% off >> Fashion Summer Sale 

5. Budget Shopping
If you are with a tight budget to buy your requirements, check products priced under Rs. 99, 199, 299, 499 or 999. Click on the link below:
View items >> Budget shopping page

6. Exchange Offers on Mobiles
If you want to change your existing mobile phone for a new one, take the advantages of these exchange offers.
View the offer page >> Exchange offers on mobiles

7. Offers on Mobiles
If you are looking for a new mobile phone to buy from Flipkart, first check this offer page for mobiles only.
View offer page >> Special offers on mobiles

8. Fashion Offers
If you are looking for any fashion item, check the following offer links to save your money.
View the best offers >> Best offers for men | Best offers for women | Best deals for kids

9. Flipkart Plus
Become a Flipkart Plus member. You will get special benefits like fast free delivery, early access to sale events, priority customer support and more.
View the page >> Become Flipkart Plus Member

10. Coupon Codes
Applying coupon codes helps you get discounts from the actual order costs. Click on the following coupon code link to check if there is any product you want to order. Coupon codes are applied automatically.
View Flipkart’s coupon page >> Items with coupon codes

Though Flipkart is one of the best shopping sites in India, it provides delivery restrictions to most remote areas. Here comes Amazon above it. Amazon delivers to almost any PIN code in India along with great shopping experiences, cashbacks, seasonal offers and more. If Flipkart can’t deliver your favourite item to your address, shop at Amazon.
Also read this page >> How to Make Money from Paytm App

Also check this. The following products are available at lower prices even than that of Amazon and Flipkart. If you want to buy any of the products, you can buy them at the lowest price than anywhere else. Click on the links to view their prices:
Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch
Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt
Fit Simplify RĂ©sistance Bands
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