New Smartwatches from Top Brands in India for 2022

New smartwatches from top brands

There’s a reason why many people are turning to smartwatches as their go-to choice for watch technology. They’re simple, easy to use, and usually have a variety of features that make them ideal for specific tasks. But what about in the months and years ahead? What new brands are set to appear on the Indian market with their latest fitness watches? Here we take a look at new smartwatches from top brands in India.

The list shows the latest smartwatches from different popular brands. They can be the best smartwatches you are looking for. For more details and prices, click the links provided to view them at Amazon.

New Smartwatches from Top Brands for 2022

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch5

  • Improved sleep tracking technology
  • Body composition Analysis (BIA Measurement)
  • Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  • Fitness tracking including your steps, calories, and even your routines
  • Over 90 exercises
  • Sapphire crystal display
  • Water-resistant, stronger against scratches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a new smartwatch that comes with a great design and features. It has many different features that you can use. It has an A.I. assistant that can help with tasks such as tracking your daily routine, managing notifications, and more. It also has a digital assistant that can answer questions, give you tips, and even control the music on your watch. The battery life is very good, and it can be used for hours without need for recharging.

2. Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 Buzz

  • Advanced BT calling experience
  • 1.78’’ AMOLED Display, Always On, 368*448 pixel resolution, 500 nits brightness
  • Noise Health Suite
  • 100+ watch faces
  • 100 sports modes with auto detection
  • 7-day battery life
  • NoiseFit app
  • 10.9mm ultra-thin frame with a metallic finish.

Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 is another latest smartwatch from the top brands in India. It has a variety of features that are sure to please users. With its advanced noise-cancelling technology, this watch is perfect for people who want to stay safe while working or doing other activities. Additionally, the battery life is very long, so users can enjoy their time with this watch for a long time.

3. Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max

  • 1.8″ display
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Built-in Alexa and Voice Assistance
  • Noise detection
  • 100 Sports modes.

Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max is a new smartwatch launched in India. It offers an excellent display and has many features that are not available on other smartwatches. This makes it the perfect choice for those who want the best possible experience while wearing the wristwatch. Sound quality is also very good, making it great for use in noisy environments.

4. Crossbeats Ignite Grande

  • 1.75″ High Definition TruView display, 320×385 pixels and a peak brightness of 600 nits.
  • Single-chip BT calling
  • Health Tracking with AI-powered sensors to measure your HR, BP, SpO2, Sleep, etc.
  • Battery backup for up to 7 days
  • 200+ watch screens.

Crossbeats Ignite Grande smartwatch is a new and innovative smartwatch that offers a host of new features. With its large screen and easy-to-read display, it is perfect for people who are looking for an interactive smartwatch. Additionally, the watch’s cross-platform compatibility makes it easy to use on both Android and iOS devices.

The smartwatch has been designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind. It comes with many sensors that help track their physical activity, sleep quality, and calorie intake.

5. Fire-Boltt Beam Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

  • Bluetooth calling via the built-in speaker and microphone
  • 1.72 Colour Screen, 320*380 pixels
  • Durable full body metal
  • 60 Sports Modes
  • IP68 Water Resistant
  • Voice Assistant
  • Oxygen Saturation (SPo2) Monitoring
  • 360 Health Ecosystem to track your heart rate, calorie, step count and multiple sports modes
  • Female Reminders
  • Smart Notification.

The new Fire-Boltt Beam Smartwatch is a great addition to your wardrobe. With its latest fitness features and innovative design, this smartwatch is perfect for use in calligraphy or as a work tool. With its calling function, the smartwatch is perfect for busy professionals who need to stay connected while on the go.

6. Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

  • 1.65” HD AMOLED display, always-on
  • 24H Heart Rate, SpO2, Stress Monitoring
  • 120+ Sports Modes & Smart Recognition
  • 5 satellite positioning systems to help you track your moves
  • 5 ATM Water Resistance & Swim Tracking
  • 15-day Battery Life.

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini is also a new smartwatch in India. It has a stylish design and great features, which will make it a favourite among fashion-savvy people. It has built-in GPS and heart rate monitors, a waterproof design, and several watch faces. Besides these, it also has a glass case to protect it from scratches and dust.

7. Pebble Cosmos MAX

  • 1.81-inch large screen HD display, resolution of 240 x 286
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Rotating Multi Functional crown
  • 100+ Sport modes
  • Count steps, distance, and calories burned
  • 10 Inbuilt watch faces
  • Up to 15 days battery backup
  • 24 Hour Health & Activity Tracking – Temperature, SpO2 levels, heart rate and more
  • Pincode Locking System like a smartphone.

Pebble Cosmos MAX is a new smartwatch from the famous Pebble brand. This product has several features that are sure to interest users. It comes with the ability to track activities like steps, calories burned, and sleep quality. Additionally, the watch also has a built-in microphone for making calls. Moreover, the watch features an automatic heart rate monitor which is sure to make your training more accurate.

8. TAGG Kronos Lite

  • 1.3” Large & Crystal HD Display with Live Wallpapers
  • 24*7 real time heart rate, Spo2, Sleep Cycle, Breath mode and Female Menstrual Tracking
  • 60 Sports Mode & In-App GPS
  • Smart notifications
  • 7 Days Battery Life
  • IPX68 Water Proof
  • In built games and calculator.

TAGG Kronos Lite is one of the latest smartwatches from the popular brand TAGG. The watch has many features that make it a valuable addition to the portfolio of TAGG watches. One of the most notable features of this smartwatch is the ability to track your fitness goals and records them for future reference. You can also access these goals through the TAGG app.

This makes TAGG Kronos Lite an ideal choice for people who are looking to stay motivated and fit. Additionally, the watch has a few interesting design features that set it apart from similar models on the market.

9. boAt Xtend Sport Smartwatch

  • 700+ Active Modes
  • 7 day battery life
  • 1.69” LCD Display
  • IP67 dust, splash and sweat resistance
  • Heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep and SpO2 monitoring
  • Important notifications right on your watch.

BoAt Xtend Sport is a new product from from BoAt. It has many features that are sure to please the fitness lover and busy person alike. There are several reasons why this smartwatch will be so popular, and one of them is its stylish design. The watch is also very easy to use, and there are plenty of features to choose from.

It has different features including a heart rate monitor, GPS tracker, water resistant, and more. The watch has been designed with users in mind, with an emphasis on comfort and convenience.

10. Zebronics DRIP Smart Watch

  • BT calling function
  • Compatible for both iOS and Android smartphones
  • 4.29cm (1.7inch) colour display
  • 100+ sports modes
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Heart rate, SpO2, Blood pressure measurement, Sleep monitor
  • 250mAh built-in rechargeable battery with a week life
  • SMS, Calls, other apps notifications and weather updates
  • Remote camera & music control options and water reminder.

One of the most popular smartwatches on the market today is the Zebronics DRIP Smartwatch. It has a lot of features that make it a great choice for people who want a watch that can track their daily activities and provide them with real-time notifications.

Zebronics watches are available in many different styles and colours. They are made from high-quality materials, so you can be sure that they will last for years. The watches also have a variety of features that make them perfect for everyday use.

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