10 Best Mutual Funds for Investing in India for 2022

Best mutual funds for investing

Mutual funds are an excellent way to invest your money and grow it over time. Mutual funds are typically composed of a group of different stocks, which can help you diversify your investment and reduce the risk of losing money. In this article, you’ll find the 10 best mutual funds for investing in India for 2022.

What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds are investment schemes that pool money from many investors and use the pooled money to make investments in a variety of securities. The goal of mutual funds is to provide investment-grade returns, which means that the average net return after expenses for all of the fund’s shareholders is at or above the rate of inflation.

Mutual funds typically charge a management fee, a percentage of assets under management. They are one of the most simple, easy and cost-effective ways to invest your hard-earned money. Mutual funds have their own risks, but these risks can be mitigated with careful management.

Mutual funds as an investment option to grow wealth

Mutual funds offer investors a way to grow their wealth over time by investing in a diversified pool of securities. Unlike individual stocks or bonds, you buy and sell on a collective basis, so they can provide increased exposure to various assets without worrying about particular stock prices.

Mutual funds also have low expense ratios, making them an attractive investment option for those looking to save money on their overall portfolio expenses. They can be either open-end or closed-end, with the former being more popular. Open-end funds can accept new investments at any time and have no set expiration date for when they will liquidate.

The advantages of mutual funds are numerous, and they are often used by investors worldwide. Check the following top mutual funds in India and their brief details below. If you are new to this investment type, let me explain briefly:

Min. Invest: It has the minimum investment amount. You can invest the minimum or multiples of it monthly or one time.

Exit load: The percentage of charge if redeemed within the specified period.

Expense ratio: Expenses for managing and running the fund. It is not deducted from your investment as the daily NAV is declared after deducting the expense ratio.

Growth rate: Under each mutual fund below, their growth rates are given for the last one year, three years and five years. Your returns are calculated by multiplying the rates with the invested amount. But they are not the future indications of the funds you invest.

Your investment’s actual gains or losses depend on the performance of the Asset Management Company (AMC) of the funds. Investments in such marketplaces or funds have risks. So, you need your own research and analysis before investing.

For this purpose, you can read many articles on investment tips by searching Google. Or you can also read some books to learn in-depth about mutual funds and investment strategies:

| Popular books on mutual funds at Amazon
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The selected top-performing mutual funds to invest listed below are recommended by the investment experts at Wealthy. They recommend these funds to investors who want to grow their money more and really achieve their financial goals.

Best Mutual Funds for Investing in 2022

1. Aditya BSL Short Term Reg Gr

Min invest: ₹1000  Exit load: 0.50%  Expense ratio: 1.66%
3.19% (Last 1 year)  6.74% (Last 3 years)  6.81% (Last 5 years)

2. Axis Bluechip Fund Gr

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 1.00%  Expense ratio: 1.63%
0.85% (Last 1 year)  11.51% (Last 3 years)  13.16% (Last 5 years)

3. Axis Small Cap Fund Reg Gr

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 1.00%  Expense ratio: 1.98%
17.26% (Last 1 year)  25.28% (Last 3 years)  18.69% (Last 5 years)

4. HDFC Index Nifty 50

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 0.25%  Expense ratio: 0.40%
7.35% (Last 1 year)  12.35% (Last 3 years)  12.39% (Last 5 years)

5. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Gr

Min invest: ₹100  Exit load: 1.00%  Expense ratio: 1.74%
10.44% (Last 1 year)  13.38% (Last 3 years)  11.93% (Last 5 years)

6. Kotak Smallcap Reg Gr

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 1.00%  Expense ratio: 2.03%
15.04% (Last 1 year)  28.53% (Last 3 years)  16.28% (Last 5 years)

7. SBI Contra Reg Gr

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 1.00%  Expense ratio: 2.20%
17.24% (Last 1 year)  21.43% (Last 3 years)  13.93% (Last 5 years)

8. SBI Large Cap & Mid Cap Reg Gr

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 0.10%  Expense ratio: 2.01%
9.33% (Last 1 year)  15.59% (Last 3 years)  12.67% (Last 5 years)

9. Tata Infrastructure Reg Gr

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 0.25%  Expense ratio: 2.43%
17.85% (Last 1 year)  15.30% (Last 3 years)  10.49% (Last 5 years)

10. PGIM India Midcap Opps Fund Reg Gr

Min invest: ₹5000  Exit load: 0.50%  Expense ratio: 2.00%
14.92% (Last 1 year)  29.38% (Last 3 years)  16.39% (Last 5 years)

How to invest in mutual funds?

Wise investors say, “Let your money work for you.” So, if you have money sitting idle in your bank, invest in mutual funds and grow your money faster. Mutual funds yield more growth than traditional fixed deposit schemes.

Now, you can invest in mutual funds online without any paperwork. It means you can do it on your own online. You can even invest with your smartphone. You can easily invest in a mutual fund in the following ways:

  • Invest through a distributor: Mutual fund companies have their partner distributors across the country. You can seek their advice to choose the right fund to meet your financial goal and invest directly through them or their mobile apps.
  • Invest directly through the mutual fund company: If you have your own goal and know the best fund type to invest in, you can invest directly by visiting their office or through their website or app.

If you want to invest in any of the above mentioned best mutual fund schemes in India through a distributor, fill out the form below with your details and submit it; then, you will get the proposal after some time.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Choose one or more funds listed above you want to invest.
  • The minimum investment is Rs. 1000. It means that you can invest Rs. 1000 or above in one or more fund types as you want.
  • You also need to specify that you will invest for one time or monthly SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in the form. If you opt for SIP, your monthly payment will be auto-debited from your bank account. You can stop, skip, and redeem your investment at any time.
  • After submitting the form, you will receive a message on your phone/ WhatsApp and email after some time. Then, your investment can be made on your own online without any paperwork.
  • All pre-investment and post-investment support will be entertained.

Fill out the form to get a proposal

Note: This site doesn’t receive your money. We use the above form only to connect you with the fund distributors or companies. After getting the proposal, you can decide for yourself to invest and seek an investment guide from the distributors.

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