Amazon EMI Fest 2020 Offers of All Major Banks

Amazon EMI Fest is a special opportunity for bank credit/debit card holders to buy any of their favourite products or items and pay later in instalments. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. So, if you are a credit card or debit card user of a bank, you can buy your favourite products from Amazon without immediate payment and pay the order amount in equal instalments in the coming months as per the terms and conditions. Amazon often offers such EMI purchases without interest. You’ll get zero and low cost EMI offers. This shopping facility is a special opportunity to buy your most favourite items when you don’t have money at hand or bank. Or such Amazon special sale event is a good chance to shop with great deals or offers.
However, not all banks or all their card users are not allowed for EMI shopping facilities. To make sure if you are eligible or not for EMI purchases, you should visit your card issuing bank branch and ask for their eligibility conditions. If you are not eligible, you can ask the bank official how you can avail this EMI facilities to shop things from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any other online shopping sites. You can also check your eligibility at Amazon. Visit Amazon and search any product you want to buy. Try to order it and see if there is any EMI option for you at the checkout page. If not so, visit your bank and ask how to avail the EMI facility.
Here is the upcoming Amazon EMI Fest offers for 2020. Check below the offers and product categories for this special sale on Amazon app or site. if it is for your bank and eligible for your debit or credit card, don’t miss this shopping opportunity.
Click on the links to view offer details:
EMI Sale Dates Banks with EMI Offers Product Categories Deals & Offers
– – No Cost EMI
Electronics, games & sports, furniture, fashion and more
No effective interest and zero processing fee with major banks
10-12 Jan 2020
– –
Instant discount at checkout
15-29 Jan 2020
Electronics and home appliances
Maximum discount up to Rs 1,750
23-27 Jan 2020
Electronics, games & sports, furniture
Rs 1,000 on credit card and Rs 1,500 on debit card.
11-17 Feb 2020 ICICI Bank EMI
Electronics, games & sports, furniture
5% instant discount on Credit Card and 10% on Debit Card
22-28 Feb 2020 HDFC Bank EMI
Electronics, games & sports, furniture, watches and automotive
5% up to Rs 1,500 on debit and credit card 
27-30 Jun 2020 Citi Bank EMI
Home appliances
5% up to Rs 1,500 and 10% on credit card 
15-77 Dec 2020 Kotak EMI
 – –
Maximum discount up to Rs 1,500
24-27 Dec 2020 SBI EMI
Electronics, games & sports, furniture, watches and automotive
5% up to Rs 1,000 on debit and credit card 
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