Captioning Jobs to Make Money from Home in India

Find a captioning job and make money from home. Although this page primarily focuses for job seekers in India, any person around the globe can do and earn money online. In short, any person with a computer and internet connection along with captioning skills can do the job.  With this kind of captioning jobs, one can earn money by working at home at one’s own time. As a captioner, the more you work, the more you can earn.
What is captioning?
When you watch a Netflix movie or television show, you often see texts at the bottom of video screen transcribing the voices and sounds. It is known as subtitles. Subtitles are useful to those people who are deaf or hard of hearing to the live performance. Captioning is the process of converting the audio into text from videos. It is a type of transcription work. As a captioner, you’ll watch a video and correctly type everything you hear.
There are types known as closed captions and open captions. Closed captions can be turned on or off by the viewer, but open captions can’t be turned off.
Methods of captioning may be offline or online. In offline captions, texts are added before the video is aired or played. But online captions are real time as you might have seen in live events on TV.
Styles of captioning may be pop-on, roll-up and paint-on. Pop-on captions appear on-screen for a few moments. Roll-up captions roll up the screen while paint-on captions run side to side of the screen. 
What are the requirements for a captioning job?
To become a captioner, you will need the skills as follows:
  • Ability to read, write and speak the language of operation.
  • Ability to listen and understand multiple accents of the language of operation.
  • Proficiency in captioning work.
In addition to the above, you need to have a computer with decent internet connection. Also a headset is necessary.
laptop for captioning jobsHeadset for captioning jobs
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For a headset, Click Here.
For handy and smooth working, you may also need a keyboard and a mouse for the work.
            Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse
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How to train to be a captioner?
You can do training for captioning at home. Buy a movie DVD with subtitles. Play it on your computer. But turn off the subtitles. Play a few seconds and pause. Now type the voices and sounds as you hear from the movie. Again play a few seconds and pause. Then type everything you hear. Now, repeat from where you started and turn on the subtitles for this time. Then check how accurately you typed comparing with the subtitles you see on the screen. In this way, you can do writing/captioning for the whole movie and check your accuracy rate. It is a simple training you can do at home.
To increase your skills, you can also enrol an Udemy video course from here.
But if you want to attend a school for a certification course, go to NCRA website
Captioning software
Captioners usually use software tools to make their work easier. Some of the best captioning software are given below:
3Play Media
This is one of the best and most trusted closed captioning tools. It claims an accuracy rate of 99%. It provides services compliant with WCAG, Section 504 and 508, CVAA, FCC and ADA. This software can automatically send caption files to the video.
Amara’s technology can do any captioning and subtitling projects for you. It is available in free and paid versions. This tool is highly useful to generate captions from scratch and translate dialogues into different languages.
captioning software
It is a free, open source software tool you can use to create and modify subtitles. Aegisub comes with tools to create quick subtitles and style them along with a real time video preview. It is a multi-platform software you can download and use on your computer.

DivXLand Media Subtitler
It is also a free captioning software that can create and edit subtitle files for all types of video easily. It supports more than 30 subtitle formats. Special features are automatic caption timing set and correction, multi-language spell check, ability to extract audio streams etc.

So, before finding a captioning job and deciding to start earning, you should have the right working knowledge to start it successfully and earn more. Some recommended books on captioning are given below for you. Click on the book titles for more details and for buying from Amazon:
Closed Captioning Handbook

Closed Captioning Handbook Paperback

by Gary D. Robson

The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn about captioning and its uses in broadcast and digital television, on DVD, in movie theatres or any place. The author provides information on the complex captioning laws, overviews accessible web site design and live-event captioning, identifies sources of captioning equipment for you.
Reading Sounds – Closed–Captioned Media and Popular Culture

Reading Sounds – Closed–Captioned Media and Popular Culture Paperback
by Sean Zdenek

In this book, Sean Zdenek looks at closed captioning as a potent source of meaning in rhetorical analysis. The author shows the choices captioners make affect the way deaf and hard of hearing viewers experience media. You’ll find real life examples and interviews from professional captioners.
Multimedia, Subtitling and Captioning: As an Accessible Communication Tool

Multimedia, Subtitling and Captioning: As an Accessible Communication Tool Paperback
by Mathew Martin, Poothullin John, Sagar Bhalerao and Amrin Moger
This book depicts the usage of captioning to increase literacy, vocabulary and understanding of visuals in multimedia. The guide will be useful to students and professionals in the field of media, journalism, multimedia management and those dealing with hearing disabilities.

To view more books in this field, Click Here.

How to find captioning jobs?
If you have the right tools and skills to start, search where to find a good job for you. Below are some places where you can apply and get a captioning job for you.

1. REV
REV is one of the best options to apply for the post of a captioner. They pay about $0.40 to $0.75 per video minute. They pay out weekly via PayPal. You can earn $240 per month on average. But top earners can make up to $1570 (approximately ‪Rs. 1,12,185 in India‬) per month.
For this job, you don’t need a special qualification. But, you should have strong English skills. Hence, you need to give a grammar quiz test and submit a captioning sample. If you get approved, they will inform you within 48 hours.
As a captioner, you’ll work as a freelancer. So, you have flexibility in working. You’ll work online by sitting at home or anywhere at your convenient time. You’ll get paid every Monday for all the audio files captioned and submitted.
Captioning jobs at REV range from writing captions for YouTube videos to working on closed captions for movies and marketing videos. Beginners can look for a post from here.
To know more details and apply for a post, Click Here.
2. Aberdeen
Mostly, they offer real time caption jobs. You need to submit your resume by email. Look for jobs from there hiring and accepting applications. Check for current job openings from here.
3. Caption Max
They offer jobs for realtime and offline captioners. Real time captioners can work from home. Captionmax provides job opportunities to qualified individuals. Check any position opening from here.
4. ASC Services
They provide job openings for at-home transcribers. If you are interested in transcription jobs for top news agencies, check their current openings from here.
5. National Captioning Institute (NCI)
NCI offers job opportunities for court reporters and voice writers you can do from home. To check their open positions, click here.
6. CaptioningStar
If you want to work as a real time captioner and want to get a freelance job from this company, fill out a form and wait for their response. To apply, click here.
7. CrowdSurf
It is a freelance site for transcriptionists and captioners. Join CrowdSurf to connect with employers. Become a CrowdSource freelancer and work on your own schedule. To learn more, click here.
8. Daily Transcription
It is a popular place for remote workers looking for transcription and captioning jobs. For an upcoming position, you need to fill out this form.
Best Audio & Video transcription service
9. GoTranscript
It is a company for freelancers that provides well-paying tasks. They pay $0.60 per audio/video minute. One can earn about $150 per month on average. Top earners can make up to $1215 per month. To apply online, click here.
10. Fiverr
It is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces. Join as a seller and list your gig of captioning works. Full of flexibility. When you get an order, you can complete it in the time fixed by you. Read this article about Making Money from Fiverr by Selling Services.
11. Guru
Guru is a place where clients post freelance jobs at their prices. Go to and find captioning works you can do at their prices and complete the tasks to get paid.
12. UpworkIt is similar to Guru. But there are more jobs available for you. You can find jobs posted by clients or post your jobs to attract clients. Visit
13. Freelancer
Like at Upwork, you can post a job to Freelancer for interested persons to get hired. Visit for more details.
14. Captioning jobs in India
You can find captioning and subtitling job openings in India from various job sites i.e.,,, etc. But, we have a custom search engine of all job sites in India (the link given below). You can search any job from there at one go instead of using individual job sites. Search any online or offline closed captioning jobs.
You can even find job openings at your local or nearest city. For example, if you are looking for any vacancies or opportunities in Delhi, search like ‘captioning jobs in delhi’. In this way, you can find such jobs for Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Indore, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Guwahati etc. Click on the link below and search using your keywords:
Salary depends on the employment status, technical aspects of the work, and the amount of work you can do per week. For example, if you work for a company, look at the rate of salary they can give before joining there. If you are selling your service at a freelance site as mentioned above, you can rate the amount depending on your captioning project. Based on the expertise in the career and your typing speed, you can earn as much as you can per month. 
Good luck!
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