Typing Works from Home Without Investment in India

Online typing works are the jobs to be done by typing online using a computer keyboard for a company or firm for earning money. The earning rate of the work may be fixed by you or the company as per the work available. Men, women, employed, unemployed or students can do it. You can work at home or anywhere in India or another country. 
typing works from home without investment
In most cases, at least you need to have the following for the work or job:
Fast typing skill,
A PC or laptop,
Internet connection,
Capable of using MS Word or MS Excel,
Gmail account for communication,
Bank account for receiving your earning cash,
PayPal account for processing payments etc.
There are a lot of typing jobs or works available on the internet. But it is difficult to choose which ones are genuine, which ones pay really, and which ones are paying higher. But they are free to join. Below, here are some websites or companies offering typing jobs for you. You can join them without any investment. No registration fees.
These typing jobs are also for students without investment, if they have time to do the works. They can do it to earn extra incomes from home or anywhere.
It requires your time and typing skills. The more typing speed you have, the more you can earn.
Some companies offer the jobs for daily payment while others pay weekly. They get the typing project works from other companies, individuals and government departments. You fulfill the work for them.
You can earn money online without any investment by typing. Nothing else to do – no marketing ideas or struggles required.
So, try any one of them below and choose the best one for you to earn online by typing. Check the following sites offering typing works from home without investment:
1. CyberExpo
You can work at CyberExpo without any investment for two years. They pay you daily. They give you scanned copies of texts to type.
For more details, Click Here.
2. Typing Work4u
They offer you data entry jobs you can do from home. They give you scanned images of 100 words each for typing. You can earn up to $1 per page. You’ll get paid every 7 days for each project. You can get paid through PayPal, Paytm, cheque or western union money transfer. They charge you no registration fee or investment from you.
For more details, Click Here.
3. Fiverr
It is a popular freelancers’ site. They don’t actually give you the jobs. Instead, you list your typing service called a gig in Fiverr. In your gig page, include various typing services from scanned images and any contract work for typing. The more you get orders, the more you earn.
4. 99 DXB
They give image files to you. You need to type from your computer. They pay you on weekly basis. Students can also join the projects for earning money at their free hours. Nothing to pay for applying.
For more details to apply for the job, Click Here.
5. Amazon MTruck
MTruck provides data entry work including typing jobs you can start without any investment.
For more details, Click Here.
6. Captcha entry jobs
This kind of jobs is also an online typing job. You can earn money doing it at home. Below are some sites offering captcha entry jobs to register yourself:
7. Online data entry jobs
Data entry job is also a typing job. You can make money online with your keyboard.
For more details, Click Here.
8. Find typing jobs in India
There are many companies or firms looking for typists. You can find such typing job opportunities from job sites. Use a keyword like typing jobs to get results from job sites in India. You can include city names like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc to find relevant results.
To search such jobs in India, Click Here.
What else to make money online?
We will add other best typing job offering websites in this page whenever we hear and come across. Try any of the above and continue if it looks good. If you find any of them fake or cheating, report through the comment box below. I will remove it from this page to replace with new ones. If this page is found interesting to you, please share to your social networks on behalf of us.

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