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If you have a passion of writing, you can earn a lot by writing articles at home for websites and blogs. There is always a shortage of good content writers online. Many website owners are looking for writers for their websites. You can write articles on any topic or write within a single niche specialised to you. You can offer your service in English or any language you know. You can charge them any amount per article based on your writing quality and the length of article.

write article earn money

You can also do copywriting and earn more. In copywriting, you write about a product or service of a company. You write it to make people buy more or make a lot of sales. If you have a good experience of copywriting, big companies and marketers will hire you for handsome prices.

How to earn money by writing articles in India?
If you want to learn ‘know-hows’ of article writing, check the books given by the end of this page. If you already have a strong writing ability and want to make money, you can do the following ways:

1. Start a blog on article writing services
Start a blog to show people that you are dong article writing services. Show your expertise and testimonials (if any) in your blog. Display better pricing as compared to other services online. See their services and learn how they do it successfully. Promote your blog/website to your best to get attentions from many clients. Work for clients in India and abroad.
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2. Join a freelancers website
If you think that promoting your blog and finding clients are the hard tasks to you, you can join a popular freelancers portal to list your article writing services. In this way, you won’t have the burden of building your blog and promoting it. It’s like selling on Amazon and eBay. They charge a small fee from your earnings. Look for the most popular portal to lessen the work of promoting your services. Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer are the best sites to sell your services at any prices.
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3. Look for websites which are looking for article writers
There are many websites which are looking for writers in India and overseas countries. They pay an amount fixed by them per article. Before joining, you may have to give a proof of writing experiences or expose a test that you can write very well to satisfy their clients.

Some website you can join are:

Some websites you can join as a copywriter are:

4. Find a writing job
Many company and firms in India and other countries are offering writing jobs. You can find them in job sites. Prepare a nice resume and submit to them. Click on the following link and search as ‘content writer’ or ‘article writer’:

In the above, you have seen four ways to make money as an article writer. Which one of them is best for you? Let’s think about it.

First, starting a blog is the easiest one to you. Here, you are the boss. You have the complete freedom for work and time. You can work independently without any supervision of anyone. However, you’ll have to struggle for building a nice, trusted site in the eyes of people and also for driving lots of traffic to get more works and earnings.

Secondly, joining a freelance site to sell your article services is easy. You don’t need to worry much for getting clients. But think that there are also other sellers listing similar services like yours. If so, you need to learn the techniques for getting your listing in the higher positions of search results so that your listing receives more views and orders.

Third, joining other websites which are looking for article writers needs to qualify their needs. If you can pass it, it’s OK. You can earn as much as you wrote depending on availability of works given to you.

Lastly, for joining a company or firm for a writing job, you need to write a good resume to get a call. You need to pass their test or exam and meet their requirements. If successful, you may work part time or full time and get a weekly or monthly salary or an income for the work done.

Decide yourself which one is best for you. It depends on your present skills and time availability. But for any of the above ways, you need to be a smooth writer who can give results. Learning from experts will reveal you success shortcuts and increase success rate. So, to learn how to write effective and powerful articles and make money as a writer, check the following books specially selected for you:

The Complete Guide to Article Writing: How to Write Successful Articles for Online and Print Markets     Fundamentals of Writing: How to Write Articles, Media Releases, Case Studies, Blog Posts and Social Media Content     How to Write Great Website Content in 2019: Use the Power of Lsi and Themes to Boost Website Traffic with Visitor-Grabbing, Google-Loving Web Content (Webmaster)

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