Buy Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch at Price Rs. 7,500 Only in India

You might hear about many fitness watches, fitness bands and activity trackers. Among them, Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch is a powerful, luxurious and stylish smart watch you can wear. You can wear it to achieve your fitness goals for a healthy lifestyle. Fitbit Surge price in India is starting at Rs. 15,000 at most online stores in India. But, from here you can wear this smartwatch just for Rs. 7,500; it is the lowest price in India (as it is a temporary offer). Buy this product for you or others at the lowest price and sell it for a profit. Easy money! You can also sell the same on Olx, Quikr, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and more to make a profit.



fitbit surge fitness superwatch

Where to Buy Fitbit Surge Superwatch at lowest price?

This fitness watch is available in many online stores in India. It is available in India’s top online stores like Amazon and also at PayUmoney etc. Click on the following links to buy from those stores available at lowest prices (Small size: 5.5-6.3 inch, Large size: 6.3-7.8 inch).

See Fitbit Surge prices given below:


Buy from PayUMoney (Small, Rs. 7,500)

Buy from Amazon (Small, Rs. 24,999)


At the time of writing this page, the price of Fitbit Surge at Amazon is Rs. 24,999. Hence, you have seen that you can get the watch just for Rs. 7,500 from PayUmoney and sell it out with a big profit. Purchase it now and sell it for an easy profit.


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Watch this video about Fitbit Superwatch in action among other reviews:


Special Features of Fitbit Surge Superwatch

Supporting Devices:

Fitbit Surge can sync many devices wirelessly and automatically. It syncs tablets, computers and smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows). It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. You need to install the Fitbit app on your device.


Heart Rate Monitor:

This watch comes with a heart rate sensor. Pure Pulse Heart Rate monitors your heart rate continuously and automatically on your wrist.


Workouts and Activities Tracking:

This wearable device comes with an activity tracker and tracks your workouts and all day activities like steps taken, distance walked, calories burnt, floor climbed and active working minutes.


Sleep Monitor:

Fitbit Surge comes with a tracker and tracks your sleep patterns automatically. It also wakes you up with a silent alarm.


GPS Tracking:

This Fitbit Superwatch can tell you distance, pace and elevation climbed, and review routes and split times. The altimeter with it tells you how many floors you have climbed.


Call and Text Notifications:

You can read call and text notifications from the touchscreen display of the watch.


Use this fitness watch to achieve your fitness goals. This sleek, water resistance watch can train you smarter and help to maximise your performance on the track or in the gym all day long. Improve your performance with built-in GPS, wrist-based heart rate monitor and simplified heart rate zones. You can view your daily activities like steps, distance, calorie burn and sleep quality. You can also use it as a running watch. You can record runs, cross training and cardio exercises and view comprehensive summaries. You can also view call and music control from your smartphone on the move. Battery life of Fitbit Surge depends on the usage frequency of the user. Normally, once full charge can last up to 7 days. However, the more you interact with it, the more it drains.


It is a nice fitness watch to keep you healthy, to improve your sport performance and to adorn your wrist!


Fitbit Surge details


Which Size Fits You?

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch is available in two sizes – Small and Large. Check your wrist size. If it is between 5.5-6.3 inch, you can choose the small size. If your wrist is between 6.3-7.8 inch, choose the large one. So, select the right size when you shop it. However, you can buy any available size of Fitbit Surge, get a strap to replace as per your wrist size later.


How to Use and Troubleshoot any Issues with Fitbit Surge?

For proper uses as a fitness device and troubleshooting any issues with it, visit


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