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How to Use Resistance Bands in Your Fitness Exercises

Resistance bands are useful when you can’t go to a gym for your own reasons. But they have many good reasons to buy. This type of workout equipment is low in price. You can carry them easily as they are portable. They are light-weight, you can put them in a small bag and carry easily on your trip. They are great companion for young and old people. Beginners can start using them without any previous knowledge. You can use them for almost any of your fitness goal. You can use resistance bands for weight loss, tone your body and any health and fitness goal. In this article, you will learn the tips on how to use resistance bands in your exercises.


Resistance bands come in different colours. Darker ones are usually for heavier resistance. You can buy a set of them or a single piece as per your requirement. The exercise bands are available for men, women and seniors. You can use the bands in exercises for different body parts like legs, arms, abs etc. Below are some types of resistance bands best for you and resistance band workouts you can do:


Pullup Resistance Bands

Pull up exercises are the single best exercise to build strength, muscles and shape your whole body. If you don’t have one for you, we recommend the Pull Up bands from Fit Simplify.

Fit Simplify Pull Up Assist Band


Buy from (Rs. 599), Click Here.

Buy from ($12.95+Shipping), Click Here.



How to use Pull Up Resistance Bands?

How to do workouts with such a band? I know you will need a guide. Click on the following link and download the free eBook and read for your fitness solution:

Download the Pull Up Band eBook


The eBook will guide you about:

– Why Pull Ups need to form the core of your workout

– How to perform pull ups with the bands

– How to progress performing pull ups on your own

– How to use pull up bands to work your entire body.


You can watch a video to do many kinds of workouts using the Pull Up Resistance Bands:


With this kind of fitness bands, you can perform back exercises (like Lat Pull-Down, Good Morning, Seated Row, Deadlift, Scapular Retraction), chest exercises (like Bench Press, Band Flys, Band Push Ups), shoulder exercises (like Front Raises, Upright Row), arm exercises (like Bicep Curls, Wall Walks, Tricep Push downs), leg exercises (like Squats, Squats with barbell, Leg Lifts, Thigh Thrusts, Hip Abductors) etc.


Resistance Loop Bands

They are a form of resistance bands in a continuous loop. One major advantage of this workout bands is that, as you stretch the limit of the band, the resistance level increases, so it allows you to experience a unique kind of muscular stress. If you are looking for one with high quality and low price, you can decide on Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands:

Product Details


Buy from (Rs. 1,359), Click Here

Buy from ($10.95+Shipping. ), Click Here.






How to Use Resistance Loop Bands?

 You can perform many kinds of workouts using such loop bands. If you have such a set of bands, download the following free eBook to learn how to use the bands with your exercises:

Download the Ultimate Resistance Loop Band Workout Guide


Watch the video how to do exercises with the loop bands:

With the Resistance Loop Bands, you can perform upper body exercises (like Tricep Extensions, Horizontal Arm Extensions, Rear Arm Extensions, Bicep Curls) and lower body exercises (like Bridge Thrusts, Side Step Squats, Lying Hip Abductions, Lying Leg Raises, Hip Abductions) and others like Abdominal exercises, shoulder exercises, back exercises, chest exercises, thigh exercises, glute and hip flexor exercises, etc.


Resistance Tube Bands

Tube bands are great for all body workouts for fitness and looking fantastic. They are useful to all beginners, intermediate and advanced users. You can buy a set of resistance tube bands from Fit Simplify brand for high quality and comparatively low price options. In this set, you will find the items including:

1. Resistance bands:

  • 5-10 lbs (Yellow)
  • 15-20 lbs (Red)
  • 20-30 lbs (Green)
  • 25-30 lbs (Black)
  • 30-35 lbs (Blue)

2. Two soft cushioned form handles

3. Door anchor

4. Carry Bag

5. Ankle strap

6. An exercise guide.


You can buy a set of Fit Simplify Resistance Tube Bands from the following online stores:

Fit Simplify Resistance Band Set 11 Pieces + Booklet and Online Videos


Buy from (Rs. 3,649), Click Here

Buy from ($21.95+Shipping), Click Here






How to use Resistance Tube Bands?

Such a tube band set is like a gym for many fitness exercises and strength training you can do at your home. Download and read the following eBook to learn how to use them in your exercises:

Download the Resistance Tube Band Fitness Solution eBook


Watch the video below to learn how to use the equipment:


With Resistance Tube Bands, you do many fitness workouts as listed below:

  • Standing chest press
  • Standing decline chest press
  • Chest fly
  • Standing back row
  • Standing biceps curl
  • Standing overhead triceps extension
  • Shoulder press
  • Squat
  • Pull through
  • Lunges
  • Lateral walk
  • Standing calf raise
  • Abdominal crunch
  • Standing front raise
  • Standing lateral raise
  • Post delts.


Buy a set of the workout bands and enjoy a toned body and healthy life.

View Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

View popular workout bands at

View popular resistance bands at Flipkart

How to Use Resistance Bands in Your Fitness Exercises
Page Name
How to Use Resistance Bands in Your Fitness Exercises
You can use resistance bands for weight loss, tone your body and any health and fitness goal. In this article, you will learn the tips on how to use resistance bands in your exercises.
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Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker : A Review

UP2 is one of the most popular fitness trackers from Jawbone. It comes with a smart light weight design. This wearable band tracks your activities and sleep. Its Smart Coach feature gives you a personalised guidance and Smart Alarm wakes you up at the right time from your sleep. After reading this Jawbone UP2 review article, you will agree that this wearable device is your right tool available at easy price to start a healthy lifestyle with its different features.


Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker 

Where to buy the Jawbone UP2?

This fitness tracker is available to buy in India. Click on the following links:

Buy from eBay  Price: Rs. 3,499

Buy from Amazon  Price: Rs. 6,611.62




The data given by this device can be viewed in different devices. It supports Android devices (minimum version of 4.3). It also supports iOS devices like iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 3, iPad minimum 1st generation, iPad Air 1st Generation and their latest versions. Jawbone UP2 syncs with your smartphones and tablets wirelessly. The battery lasts upto 10 days after you charge it full once.


This stylish activity tracker is the thinnest and sleekest one available in 5 different colours you would like to own immediately. The Smart Coach provides you personalised insights to make you reach your desired goal faster and easier.


UP2 knows when you go to bed and tracks the duration and quality of your sleep. It also motivates you to improve your sleep quality.


As a fitness tracker, Jawbone UP2 tracks steps you have taken, exercise you have done and caloric burnt movements all day long. With it, you can keep your ideal weight by setting your goal, logging your meals and using Food Score.


Jawbone UP2: Technical

Dimensions: 5×2.1×5 inches

Weight: 119 gms

Battery Type: Lithium Ion



It comes with stylish design. You will feel a comfortable wear. Smart Coach is very helpful to users.

You won’t find real display in the band. It is not recommended as water-proof.

Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker has a great design for your wrist. It comes with a nice app telling you recommendations for your health and fitness.



Jawbone UP2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is UP2?

It is an smart band or fitness tracker that helps you achieve your fitness goals faster and easier. The wearable device uses an advanced algorithms and data science in an integrated system to perform an in-depth analysis of your activity, eating, sleep patterns and behaviours.


How this device tracks my movement and activities?

The tracker uses an accelerometer and sophisticated algorithms to track your activities, distance taken, calories burnt and your active and idle time. The UP app in your smartphone or tablet syncs the data and displays the counts of your activities and analysis to move towards your goals.


How the Jawbone UP2 measures my sleep quality?

The accelerometer in it is used to track your sleep duration and quality. As you wear it, the band can detect when you fall asleep and wake you after an optimal sleep automatically. It also alerts you to move periodically if you don’t move too long.


How to use Jawbone UP2?

You can wear it while you working, reading and sleeping. You can wear it while you are walking, running and exercising. UP2 tracks automatically your activities and movement. It shows the results in the UP2 app and motivates you reach your fitness goal.


View the following video to set up your new Jawbone UP2:


View other activity trackers from Jawbone:

Jawbone UP24

Other Jawbone fitness trackers


Did you enjoy the Jawbone UP2 review article? Your valuable comments are welcome. Leave your comments below.

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Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker
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UP 24 By Jawbone Activity Tracker–A Fitness Tracker Right for You

UP24 is one of the Jawbone activity trackers. You can use this wearable fitness tracker for any of your fitness goals. Let’s see what this electronic gadget can do for you to keep your health fit:


UP 24 by Jawbone Activity Tracker


What UP24 can do for you?

  • It encourages you to move more, sleep better and improve your fitness level.
  • Jawbone UP24 can track your steps taken, workouts done, calories burnt, quality of sleep and hours of sleep.
  • This device tracks your foods, drink, nutrients, calories to show if you are eating right.
  • Its Smart Coach gives you a Smart Alarm to move when you are idle.
  • With this tracker, your friends and family reach the fitness goals together by connecting with them.


This Jawbone activity tracker comes with advanced sensors to capture your moves, sleep and other activities. When you connect with the UP app on your smartphone, you can see the big picture of your health and fitness. You can sync the UP app with other apps and devices to expand your device. The data given by it tells what you should do to reach your goals.


UP24 by Jawbone activity tracker has a Smart Coach that guides you to make a healthy choice each of every day. You can improve your fitness level and sleep quality with this device on your waist. You can get deep understanding of your diet, activities and sleep and get the information how your behaviours, diet and activities may affect your health. Connect to your other apps, count calories with MyFitnessPal and adjust the Nest Learning Thermostat for a better sleep.

How UP24 helps you reach your goal?

This activity tracker from Jawbone gives you streaks, milestones, timely idle alerts and other motivation to push you to your goals. Its system knows, like a human being, how to inform and when to alert. Jawbone UP 24


For example, if you use the smart band as your weight loss device, it allows you to set your goal, manage your meals, and use Foodscore to improve your diet and get your weight loss goal. For any fitness goal, well sleep is important. Here, Jawbone UP24 helps you to improve sleep quality.


For how much it works for you and for the price easy to you, this Jawbone activity tracker is a right choice for you. It is available to buy from eBay in India.


Buy from eBay

Price: Rs. 2,989/-




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jawbone UP24

1. Will Jawbone UP24 work with iPhones, Android and Windows phones?

UP24 supports iPhones and Android mobile phones. But I don’t know about it works with Windows phones.


2. Will UP24 work on treadmill?

It works until you are on a treadmill. But some says it works on it.


3. Does it measure heart rate? 

No. It seems it doesn’t record heart rate.


4. Does the device track running?

Yes, it tracks running and walking.


5. How does Jawbone UP24 track sleep?

As you wear UP24 while you are sleeping, it tracks your movements, then the device translates the movements into periods of sleep and wake.


6. Does it have GPS?

No, it doesn’t use GPS system.


7. Does it sync wirelessly?

Yes, it syncs your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth.


8. What does UP24 track?

It tracks steps taken, exercises done, calories burnt, quality of sleep and hours of sleep. It also tracks foods, drink, nutrients, calories to show if you are eating right.


9. Can it be used with Blackberry?

It doesn’t seem to connect with Blackberry. But it supports iOS and Android devices.


10. Can I wear UP24 in the shower or while in swimming?

Originally, it is water-proof. You can wet with it. But you are better to remove it or not to submerge in the water.


11. Can I charge the battery with iPhone charger?

Yes, you can.


12. Can I wear it on ankle?

Probably not.


13. Where can I buy Jawbone UP24?

Scroll up this page and find the link you can click to buy. You can buy it from eBay in India. Its price is also given as of this page was updated last.


Here is a Youtube video of this product in action: 



Leave your valuable comments below if you have one.

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UP24 by Jawbone Activity Trackers
INR 2989
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Popular Resistance Bands by Fit Simplify for Health and Fitness

When we want to build strength, tone our body and lose weight, what we do is to admit to a gym centre. You use their tools and guides from a gym instructor. You pay a regular fee – big or small. But resistance bands are different tools you can use at home or anywhere, anytime. They give you almost the same results like going to a gym. For many remarkable reasons such as cost effective, ease of use and time and place convenient, resistance bands are now the favourable fitness tools for you. Among them, Fit Simplify Resistance Bands are the very good choice you may decide for their best price and quality.


A resistance band is an elastic band generally used in strength training and physical therapy for building strength. Today this kind of tools is widely used in different fitness and strength training sessions. You can also use them as a comfortable tool with your weight loss and other fitness workouts.


Why you want to use Resistance Bands?

Because, they:

  • Are inexpensive to buy.
  • Can be used in multiple fitness levels – light, medium and heavy.
  • Can be used with most of your favourite exercises.
  • Can be used in whole body workouts or for almost any muscle groups.
  • Can be used safely without any instructor unlike as in gym.
  • Are useful to improve your stamina, flexibility and movements.
  • Can be stored in a small space or carried along easily as they are light weight and portable.


What are the health benefits from using resistance bands? 

They are easy-to-use home gym. Using them will give you many health benefits including:

  • Weight Loss: They help to boost your metabolism and burn more fat.
  • Muscle Building: They can build muscles like weight training.
  • Body Toning: They are great to tone your body easily.



Why Fit Simplify Resistance Bands can be your perfect choice? 

The resistance bands from Fit Simplify come with guidebook, eBook and workout videos. They are made of high quality materials and their price is good enough to the product quality. Below are the new set of their bands for considering to try one for you:



Fit Simplify Pull Up Assist Band - Stretching Resistance Band - Mobility and ...1. Fit Simplify Pull Up Assist Band:

It is a single Fit Simplify resistance band that can also be used as a stretching band and mobility and power-lifting band. When you buy this item, you will get the pull up assist band, eBook and online workout videos. This band is 1/4″ wide, 4.5mm think and 41″ long. Pull ups is a good workout for building your upper body strength. With this band, you can do more unassisted pull ups. This versatile loop band is also very useful in stretching, mobility and power lifting training. The eBook and online workout videos will teach you how to do more pull ups with this fitness band. Although pull up exercises are good for your health and fitness, you might not perform it well. If so, Fit Simplify Pull Up Assist Band can help you perform more pull ups with ease. You can perform more pull ups, chin ups, muscles up and ring ups without anyone’s assistance. You can use it for warm ups to strengthen your arms and shoulders. Powerlifters use this band to improve their dead lifts, squats, bench press and shoulder press. Thicker bands provide more assistance. Combine the bands together to vary the resistance. You can use less resistance bands if you have more improvements. This Fit Simplify band is made of 100% eco-friendly natural latex that is durable with even the most intense pull up session.


Buy this band from eBay 



Resistance Loop Exercise Bands2. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands (Set of 5)

Yes, this set comes for 5 different resistance levels. So, this exercise bands set will be useful in beginner and seasoned workout levels. They are made of 100% natural latex (free from non-natural thermoplastic elastomer). When you buy it, you will also get instruction guide, eBook, online workout videos and a carry bag. The bands will be useful with almost any workout like Yoga, Pilates and others. You can use them in general exercises, stretching, strength training and power weight sessions. Physical therapists love these Fit Simplify bands for their patients. The resistance bands are useful for people with injuries of leg, knee and back. They help to recover from torn MCL and ACL, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab. Women use these bands to keep their body in shape after pregnancy and birth. Read the complementary guide and 41 page eBook to learn how to use the resistance bands for effective results. The online videos will help you correctly to perform the workouts. The comfortable and soft bands are great for sports, fitness, body shaping, weight loss, physical therapy and injury rehabilitation.

Buy from Amazon


Fit Simplify Resistance Band Set 11 Pieces + Booklet and Online Videos3. Fit Simplify Resistance Bands (Set of 11)

When you buy this set of 11 pieces, you will get:
• Exercise Tube Bands
• Door Anchor
• Ankle Straps
• Instruction Booklet
• eBook, and
• Online Workout Videos.

It is your personal home gym. You can do lots of resistance training exercises with this set of 11 items. You can do full body workouts, strengthen the core and perform for specific muscles groups. This premium resistance band set will very useful for toning your squads, buttocks, glutes, abs, biceps, triceps, legs and knees. The resistance bands are used by fitness professionals to train their clients for effective fitness and weight loss programs. This set of fitness bands is ideal for both men and women of all levels and ages – beginners, intermediates and pros. Bonus booklet, eBook and online videos will help you how to perform the workouts with the tools. In this set of bands, find the 5 resistance bands – Yellow (5-10 lbs), Red (15-20 lbs), Green (20-25 lbs), Black (25-30 lbs) and Blue (30-45 lbs) for varied resistance. Combine them to get your required resistance level. The metal clip system is to attach the included soft-grip handles or ankle straps. The pieces included in the set are of highest quality materials made from 100% eco-friendly natural latex. They are extremely durable, carefully constructed pieces of resistance bands that come in a convenient travel bag. These bands from Fit Simplify are great for your sports, fitness exercises, strength training, body toning and weight loss. This band set will be one of the best among others and the wise investment for your health and fitness.

Buy from eBay                                   


Click Here if you are looking for resistance bands from other brands.
Click Here to look for weight loss tools.




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Resistance Bands
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